01/16/07 "Antigravitatation" for Croatia without Fur

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Hakuna Matata supports Animals Friends' campaign

Hakuna Matata knows what good music is, and it knows fur is not acceptable in terms of ethics and ecology, as well. With the good music they offer in their new album called "Antigravitation," the band members of Hakuna Matata support the campaign "For Croatia without Fur," launched by Animals Friends.

On Tuesday, January 16, in Zagreb club Sax, at the occasion of the promotion of Hakuna Matata’s new album "Antigravitation," before the great performance of this ethically and ecologycally conscious band, Animals Friends Croatia activists had a very impressive performance called "Animals cannot live without fur, you can."

The performance started with a striptease by a female activist dressed in a fur coat and it ended up with her "bloody" body on the stage floor. It clearly showed that the cruelty on animals is an unevitable part of fur clothings and that killing animals for fur has no excuse.

This performance is part of the campaign "For Croatia without Fur," which started with the billboards "Beautiful without Fur" with Croatian model Fani Stipkovic. The campaign will continue with further actions and a big demonstration in February.

Animals Friends is gratefull to the band Hakuna Matata for their support and showing this by having prepared a vegetarian snack party for the promotion of their new album "Antigravitation."



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