Dolphinariums and Aquariums

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Marine parks, aquariums, etc. state captivity provides safety for the animals, portraying their natural habitats as hostile, dangerous places imperiled by pollution, predation, parasites...

Captive social groups are wholly artificial; the facilities mix unrelated animals, different stocks, species that are never seen together in the wild, sexes segregated. Natural territoriality can rarely be accommodated whilst infants are taken from their mothers and moved to separate quarters long before their time.

Yet, marine parks frequently state captive marine mammals are maintained in healthy social groups! Truth is marine mammals suffer a confined and torturous existence plus forcible performance plus a higher annual mortality rate in captivity than in the wild.

There is absolutely no need for this. Please, help us make an end to the capture of whales and dolphins from the wild.

Source: A.R.M.O.R.Y - Killer whale doing tricks [ 61.42 Kb ]



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