08/23/23 Goran Višnjić Invites You to the 15th ZeGeVege Festival

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Ten more days until the greenest and jolliest Veggie Festival of Sustainable Living

- Višnjić films an inspirational video explaining why it is imperative to change our lifestyle and our diet

Goran Višnjić, a famous actor with a successful US career, has created an inspiring video in which he invited all to attend the 15th Veggie Festival to take place on September 1 and 2, 2023 at Europe Square. In the video, Višnjić states it is time to make necessary changes if we want to protect life on Earth and, as such, it is imperative that we change the food manufacturing methods and our diet. “Even the smallest of steps in that direction is important. May the Veggie Festival encourage you to make positive changes. Do not miss this unique event, enjoy its wealth of plant-based products and positive atmosphere in Zagreb on the 1st and 2nd of September,” he states in the video.

“If you have never tried oat milk, plant-based cheese, soya yogurt, vegan ćevapčići, burgers, or plant-based salami, it is high time to change that. Search, research and explore the diverse tastes of vegan food at the 15th Veggie Festival. You will also be able to learn why vegan food can save the world, animals and us, humans, too,” added Višnjić.

Goran Višnjić and his family are animal activists with several successful projects and cooperation with well-known global animal protection groups behind them. He has already worked with Animal Friends Croatia in their campaigns against fur and for help for dogs, however, this is his first public expression of support for the Croatian Veggie Festival of Sustainable Living.

The organizers, Animal Friends Croatia, are eagerly anticipating the beginning of September when over seventy healthy food producers, cruelty-free cosmetics, and cleaning product manufacturers, as well as environmentally friendly farmers, and animal and environment protection groups are to feature at the festival. Visitors, expected to attend in thousands, will have an opportunity to enjoy food-tasting and promotional sales, as well as various educational and entertaining activities.
The VegeEDU installation spread over five screens will offer recipes and suggestions for movies and books on veganism, as well as other interesting topics. At the Festival, the public will be able to sign ongoing petitions, as well as offer support to many animal shelters.

As the Veggie Festival is organized by Animal Friends Croatia on a non-profit basis, anyone interested is invited to volunteer at the event and join in the creation of another unforgettable Croatian Veganmania.

The Festival program can be found at www.zegevege.com or on Facebook, both featuring the inspiring invitation to the event by Goran Višnjić.

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