08/09/23 ZeGeVege is a Major Part of Gastronomical and Cultural Offerings

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The Ministry of Tourism and Sport: “ZeGeVege contributes to the enrichment of total tourist offerings of the City of Zagreb”

- Vegan festival under the sponsorship of the City of Zagreb, HAPIH, HGP and President’s Office

The 15th in a row ZeGeVege festival will this year be held on Zagreb European Square on September 1st and 2nd.

The support for the most popular Croatian festival of sustainable living was also provided by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport with a statement: “ZeGeVege festival already 15 years in a row has a goal to increase the awareness of the importance of healthy living and at the same time promotes local ecological products and producers through which it contributes to the enrichment of total tourist offerings of the City of Zagreb”.

The organizers, the Association Animal Friends Croatia, invite all not to miss this two-day event which will through various restaurants and exhibitors of healthy plant-based foods as well as cosmetic products and cleaning supplies not tested on animals promote sustainable living and celebrate veganism. Mainly, the goal of the ZeGeVege festival is to assist the citizens to get to know more about the increasing offers of vegan foodstuff on our market and through the total experience are inspired to live more sustainably, with the lowest possible impact on the environment and without endangering animals and wellbeing of other people. Education about the importance of switching to a plant-based diet, which indirectly saves animal lives, prevents mass pollution of the planet and promotes health and longevity, is a crucial part of ZeGeVege festival, and all this information is provided to the visitors through tasty food and good atmosphere.

At the ZeGeVege festival, various domestic and foreign exhibitors, holders of V-label, various associations and humanitarian and ecological initiators will be present. The exhibitors will offer their products at promotional prices and enjoy tastings and all the visitors, expected to be in the tens of thousands this year, will be able to receive a free educational brochure.

From the texts on educational panels and listening to the host’s conversations with influential people who live sustainably all will be able to find out about the advantages of such a way of life and both days will have interesting programs for children and adults. Also available will be vegan recipes in order to encourage all to take a pleasant experience from the ZeGeVege into their own kitchens and at the Animal Friends Croatia and the Association Greenpeace stands various petitions signing will be held.

“Every plant-based meal is a step forward to sustainable living! Come on September 1st and 2nd and learn something new, treat yourself with ice cream or a hamburger, take a picture by the large sign on your future diet and enjoy all that we will prepare”, Animals Friends Croatia stated and invited all, regardless of their diet habits, to join them.

The support for the ZeGeVege festival was provided also by the City of Zagreb, the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Office of the Republic of Croatia President Zoran Milanović.

More information about the ZeGeVege festival is available at www.zegevege.com.

15th ZeGeVege [ 647.30 Kb ]

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