03/02/23 Most of the inhabitants of Croatia do not know why cows produce milk!

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Research data shows how little is known about the relationship between cows and milk

- In the recorded survey, most interviewees think that cows have milk regardless of whether they have given birth

In August 2022, an independent survey was conducted on a random representative sample of 1,000 adult citizens of the Republic of Croatia. The research examined the awareness of cow's milk production processes. The results of the research shocked Animal Friends Croatia, and they believe that the data will surprise the public as well.

As many as 68.4% of Croatian citizens do not know that cows on dairy farms produce milk because they have given birth. The answers obtained from the research were confirmed by a survey recorded on the streets of Zagreb . Most interviewees think that it is normal for cows to have milk or that they always have milk, regardless of whether they have given birth or not. Some have stated that this is how cows' bodies work and that they cannot help but produce milk because it is part of their cycle.

"Since childhood, we have been taught in kindergartens and at home that cows 'give' milk. That is not true at all. Just as female dogs produce milk for puppies or female cats for kittens, cow's milk has the same purpose - to feed the calf. "Without a child, there is no mother's milk, and the entire dairy industry is based on the exploitation of their reproductive system and motherhood," Animal Friends Croatia points out.

73.4% of citizens do not even know that it is common practice in milk production to take the calf from its mother immediately after birth! Animal Friends Croatia state that this information is skillfully concealed by the dairy industry, for which cows are nothing more than biological machines for obtaining abnormally large quantities of milk. They believe that Belje goes the furthest of all by presenting their cows as queens and accusing them of deceiving the public with their marketing moves and the Kravica Kraljica brand.

It is important to emphasize that, according to the conducted research, as many as 85.1% of respondents believe that it is misleading that dairy products are advertised with the depiction of cows that are happy or live like queens if, in reality, they do not!

"Every mother loves their child and every child loves her mother, regardless of race or species. Everyone who says 'goodbye' to dairy animal products can play a real and serious role in creating a better world for all beings, i.e. a world where children are not taken from mothers and where someone's life does not end violently and with the expiry of a production period", appeals Animal Friends Croatia.

They claim that the results of the survey, according to which 92.1% of respondents do not support the practice of separating calves from their mothers on the same day they are born, are further evidence that the public would more often reach for plant-based milk if they knew what the common practices in the dairy industry are and that cows are not treated like queens on the farms, as is presented by the labels on the packaging and false depictions of happy cows.

Therefore, Animal Friends Croatia believe that it’s imperative for customers to know the truth about the products they’re buying, and they certainly do not deserve this kind of exaggeration in distorting the real state of the dairy industry's relationship with cows.

The video of the street surveys and all the data obtained from the research can be seen at www.trazisekraljica.net .

Translated by Vito Čubrilo

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