01/03/23 A Small Change in January for a Great Difference in Life

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Animal Friends Croatia call for a change of life habits in January with a world popular Veganuary

- With changing of the diet towards better health, reducing climate changes and saved lives

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Beginning of the year is ideal for making decisions that are in our favour, planet and all their inhabitants. Many decide to make healthier life decisions and to be better starting in January. A new beginning always provides a motivation to do better things that will make us proud throughout the entire year. Exactly that, and so much more, we can accomplish by Veganuary that is celebrated throughout the world during January. A Croatian version of a one-month vegan challenge exists, Vege Challenge, for which thousands of people apply for on www.veganopolis.net wanting to make a positive change on the world.

Communication leader at Veganuary, Toni Vernelli, said: „Removing meat and dairy products is the best way to reduce our carbon print. What we know for sure: small changes in what we eat can make a huge impact on the world, and the world needs that all of us make positive changes at this time. Simply said, there is no negative side to Veganuary.“

Veganuary for Health

There is strong evidence and numerous studies that show how plant-based diet can significantly improve the health with lower rates of diabetes, health diseases and obesity. It has also been proven that reduced meat intake reduces the risk of stroke, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. World Health Organization (WHO) classified red and processed meat consumption, along with smoking, amongst main causes of cancer. Researches have shown that people with vegan diet lose more kilograms as compared to those on vegetarian, meat or fish diet. 75% of those who completed Veganuary reported an average loss of 3 kilograms as a result of a one-month challenge.

Veganuary for the Environment

Revolutionary research published in 2019 showed that „avoiding meat and diary products is the best way to reduce the negative ecological impact on the planet“, including the impact on land use, because 83% of world agricultural land is used for raising animals for food, water consumption, climate changes and mass extinction of wild animals.

Veganuary for the Animals

With a diet without meat and diary products we save animals. 86% land mammals, excluding humans, are animals in cultivation, but marking this living beings as stock hides the fact that these animals have emotional relationships and feelings. Everyone who switches to vegan diet saves 200 animals per year, and this really makes a big difference.

Animal Friends Croatia invite all to use the January for accepting new positive habits and in this manner join the million people throughout the world who have already done so. „Try various recipes for tasty vegan meals, visit a vegan restaurant, invite family and friends to a vegan dinner, watch a documentary or read a book about veganism and animal rights, treat yourself to tasty vegan cakes and coffee with plant-based milk, volunteer in an asylum or a sanctuary for animals, try the cosmetics not tested on animals. Enjoy yourself discovering a totally new world. Start the life adventure in January.“

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