08/29/22 Choose food that didn't have eyes - stop speciesism

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Friends of animals call for the observance of the World Day against Speciesism

- We walked along the downtown of Zagreb with messages: Stop the species-based discrimination!

Animals' friends walked through the center of Zagreb holding a banner with the message "Let's choose food that didn't have eyes" to invite everyone to celebrate the World Day Against Speciesism, which has been celebrated at the end of August, all over the world, for eight years already.

Speciesism is the species-based discriminative behavior that can be resisted through compassionate living and veganism. "If everyone looked into the eyes of animals, both dogs and cats, and pigs and cows, and understood their emotions, they would realize that they are no different from us. Animals also cry, show panic, have a premonition of death, have the same instincts and the ability to experience complex feelings," Animal Friends points out.

They believe that the rights of all animal species should be taken into account and that speciesism has no logical basis and is unfair: "Just like humans, other animal species are aware, sensitive and have a desire to live. We have no right to torture them and turn them into slaves and products".

Today, not only is it well known to everyone that animals suffer and feel, but numerous ethological studies have shown that they are conscious beings of different types of intelligence and sophisticated emotional and social abilities, adds the Association. They also state that we can live healthy and long without products of animal origin, i.e. without exploiting animals. A growing number of people are showing that speciesism can be avoided on a daily basis and that their way of life does not violate the basic right of animals to live without being exploited or killed.

Injustices from the past, such as slavery, have been abolished or greatly reduced. These problems were also embedded in the collective consciousness to the extent that they were thought to be eternal. However, history has shown the opposite and we can easily imagine that slaughterhouses will one day be considered a symbol of injustice and barbarism, part of humanity's shameful history. Animal Friends believes that just as our society wants to end sexism and racism, we must act on speciesism in the same way.

The World Day against Speciesism is a good opportunity to learn about animal rights and veganism, that is, the possibility of a non-speciesist way of life and thinking. Watching the movie "Earthlings" can help everyone in doing this.

World Day for the End of Speciesism 2022 [ 137.19 Kb ]

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