Brochure: Neutering - Reducing Cat and Dog Abandonment

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The primary purpose of the present educational brochure is to identify uncontrolled reproduction of owned cats and dogs as the root cause, which, along with the lack of dog microchipping, most contribute to the increasing numbers of abandoned pets. In addition, the aim of this brochure is to present mechanisms that help prevent and resolve these issues, primarily by neutering owned cats and dogs, as well as feral cats. In our work, we actively encourage local communities to act and provide them with assistance by informing them on measures that may help reduce citizens' irresponsible behaviour towards pets. This brochure clearly and coherently lists practices which allow cities and municipalities to adopt regulations within their jurisdiction based on the Act, as well as through education, with a view to preventing animal abandonment and reducing animal care costs

We believe that the advice provided by this brochure will be of great help to cities and municipalities, but also to abandoned animals.

You can read the brochure in full HERE.

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