10/21/20 Sobin, Parmać and Gruica: Neutered dogs are healthy and playful!

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After Luka Budak, Ivana Kindl and Dora Lipovčan other celebrities call for responsibility as well

- Cause of abandoning dogs: One female dog can produce 67,000 puppies in seven years

After Ivana Kindl, Dora Lipovčan and Luka Budak, as caring cat adopters, supported the Animal Friends Croatia campaign on responsible adoption and the importance of castration, they were joined by Slavko Sobin, Neda Parmać Klačar and Ana Gruica Uglešić, whose hearts were forever won by adopted and neutered dogs. Last month Animal Friends Croatia pointed to a cause-and-effect relationship between the over-breeding of dogs and cats and abandonment of animals with the message “Dogs and cats don’t know how to multiply, but they know how to breed!” Well-known dog breeders find it very worrying that in seven years only one female dog and her offspring can give birth to 67,000 puppies!

Popular actor Slavko Sobin with his adopted, microchipped, and neutered dogs Buba and Mara have already participated in the summer campaign of Animal Friends Croatia against abandoning animals and called for responsibility towards them throughout the seasons. Now he pointed out how much he would like everyone to take care of their animals as he cares for his pets: “Everyone knows I can’t imagine life without my Buba and Mara whom I adore. In addition to being fostered and microchipped, both are also castrated. They are simply beautiful, playful, infinitely likable and mischievous, and castration has not changed their behavior and character at all.”

“I am horrified to see that some people would rather throw puppies into the woods, where they will die long and painfully than castrate their animals and allow them a healthy and long life. It also terrifies me that there are people who can drown, suffocate, or harm unwanted animals. Such great suffering of animals can be easily prevented and that is why I tell everyone to be responsible and castrate the animals they take care of.”- he added.

Singer Neda Parmać Klačar and actress Ana Gruica Uglešić, who have previously supported the Animal Friends Croatia campaign "Either you squint or you are for castration", agree with him. The favorite face of the show "Your face sounds familiar" and the multi-talented former member of the band Feminnem always finds time for the adorable adopted cat Bella and her beloved dog Poka, whom she adopted 10 years ago. Neda says that adopting her Pokolina, as she calls him, was one of the most selfish things she did because she did not save him, but he saved her from fear and loneliness: “Not all dogs are as lucky as my Poko, to be adopted and loved. We found ourselves at the right time. He was less than a month old, full of fleas and with pneumonia. This is the result of neglect for dogs. I castrated him because I knew we wouldn't have puppies, otherwise, he would suffer during every drive. Simply because I love him and want him to be happy and healthy.”

The importance of responsible behavior of dog caregivers and the advantages of castration was also emphasized by Ana Gruica Uglešić, whose five-year-old son, like every child with a pure heart, calls their dog Chuko a brother: “We adopted Ari into our family five years ago and Chuko was with us for almost two years. Given that Ari and Chuko often reside on the slopes of the Mosor and move freely through the village and forest a little over half a year ago we realized that it is best for them to castrate them. Although both are males we spared some other people ‘torment’ of having to find a home for the puppies. The boys are missing nothing, they have endured the operation very well and now there is no fear that they will return home when they leave.”

Animal Friends Croatia states that castrated animals live longer and are protected from potentially deadly diseases such as breast and uterine tumors, pyometra, sepsis, prostate, and testicular cancer.

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