10/29/20 World vegan day celebrated in downtown of Zagreb

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Animal Friends Croatian invites everyone to join them in celebrating World Vegan Day

- Among flags and lighting of the fountain and pavilion, stand and exhibition is being held in the main square

"Vegan flags all over Zagreb are not the only way we have decided to mark World Vegan Day on November 1 this year, in these challenging times," AFC says. In addition to the green-blue-white flags, which have been suspended in popular places in the center of Zagreb for several days, two more Zagreb attractions in the colors of the vegan flag will shine on Friday, October 30 - Mestrovic's pavilion and fountains in front of the National University Library.

In addition, an information stand with free vegan cookbooks and an educational panel with information about the benefits of a vegan diet will be set up in Zagreb's Ban Jelačić Square on Saturday, October 31, 2020, from 10 am to 2 pm.

AFC invites all those interested to join them from the comfort of their home at an online culinary workshop that will be led live by the famous choreographer and director Igor Barberić via their Facebook page on October 31, 2020, at 5 pm. On the occasion of World Vegan Day on November 1, he will talk about veganism and how it changed his life by preparing one of his favorite recipes.

"We are extremely happy that Mestrovic's pavilion and fountains in front of the National Library will shine in the colors of the vegan movement for the first time. We want to intrigue as many passers-by and citizens as possible, encourage them to think, and help them realize that they can stand up against animal exploitation and abuse, against climate change, and against world hunger by going vegan.

Animal Friends invites all citizens who will pass through the center of Zagreb to visit Ban Jelacic Square where they will find useful information and tips on how to take the first step towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle that does not include the suffering of other living beings.

On the occasion of World Vegan Day, AFC also invites you to the Veggie Challenge, an excellent informative free service at www.veganopolis.net, which provides answers to questions: what is veganism and why it is a step towards solving many problems today, which movies and books to read and how to prepare many common dishes and desserts from foods of plant origin.

"This whole year is different for all of us. Therefore, let this November 1 be different for all, but in a positive sense. Let the message of the vegan flag, which seeks to raise awareness of animal rights and the connection between human and animal destiny on Earth, be an incentive for positive change for all. Be brave, be compassionate, and be vegan. Celebrate World Vegan Day with us and join the fastest growing movement of today, "Animal Friends Croatia concludes.

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