Yes! For veganism

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Yes! To animals:

- Methods of industrial animal farming in the food industry are causing tremendous suffering of billions of animals which are highly sensitive beings and have complex relations and social lives, regardless if we are referring to pigs, cows, chicken of fish.

Yes! To your health:

It is a generally accepted idea today, that a plant-based diet offers numerous advantages in comparison to a diet based on animal products. For example; in 2019 Canada has issued a new Diet guide, which is one of the most wanted publications of their federal government, and where you can find a significant reversal towards plant-based diet instead of animal products.

Yes! To the health of our Earth:

A plant-based diet may have numerous positive impacts on the environment, including the preservation of biodiversity, more sustainable Earth's recourses, and climate change fight. According to many times quoted a report of UN Organisation for food and agriculture ( FAO ) from 2013: Tackling Climate Change Through Livestock; intensive farming is the cause of 14,5% of total CO2 emission per year, which is more CO2 emission than caused by total transport, which means – all automobiles, trucks, ships, and airplanes on planet Earth together.

Yes! To the more righteous world:

By the year 2050, it is estimated that the global population is to be increased to 10 billion, which automatically implies nonexistence of a sustainable diet for people; that is, a system of food production, considering that the amount of food produced with such trend should increase for 50%. UN Organisation for food and agriculture ( FAO ) which takes care of food supplies and provisions on a world level, in 2019 has invited all to consider „transformation change in food and diet systems“.

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