06/29/20 Find love at first sight in a shelter

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Famous couple Ingrid and Luka from the popular show „Brak na prvu“ („Married at First Sight“), with Betty and Nixa on billboards in Croatia

- Campaign „Family on vacation, dog to the street?!“ has been calling for foster care and responsibility for 18 years

The longest-running campaign of Animal Friends Croatia „Family on vacation, dog to the street?!“ celebrates coming of age on June 30th by publishing billboards in Croatian cities. With striking visuals, Ingrid Divković and Luka Budak, a couple that found love thanks to the popular show „Married at First Sight“ calls for the adoption of abandoned animals instead of purchasing with the slogan „Find an instant love at the shelter“. In front of the lens of an award-winning photographer Mare Milin who saves the animals herself, the cute dog Betty and the cuddly cat Nixa pose with them waiting for someone to fall in love with them and give them a home.

The author of four bestsellers, writer and blogger Ingrid Divković is sensitive to the problem of abandoning animals and says that's why she and Luka are happy to join the campaign that promotes animal adoption: „I am very emotional and it hurts me seeing someone abandon an animal because they're going on vacation or moving. They trust us and we are everything to them so the least we can do for the love they give us is protect them and take care of them responsibly.“ Commercialist Luka Budak shares his great love for four-legged family members: „Three years ago I had the opportunity to adopt my cat Mrma, who was of great help to me through many difficult moments. I invite everyone who has the conditions to adopt one of the many abandoned animals because they are true symbols of love with their warmth and affection.“

While photographing the visuals for the posters, Ingrid and Luka became very close to the black dog Betty, who is cared for by the Hrabre njuške association and the cat Nixa, who is currently cared for by the Prava Šapa association. After the filming, Ingrid was especially touched when she found out that Betty had been looking for a home for three years and she hopes that both of them will soon be adopted with love. „I encourage everyone not to buy animals, but to search the pages of associations or visit a shelter and choose a kind creature that is waiting, maybe even for years, for a permanent home. Animals can really win our hearts very easily, we just need to give them a chance,“ she added.

Luka, who simply adores his „smart and beautiful Mrma“, also emphasized the importance of responsible adoption: „When I adopted Mrma, I knew immediately that it was forever. As I feed cats near my house every day, Mrma is also castrated because I am aware that it would be impossible to take care of so many kittens. I would like as many people as possible to experience adoption as an opportunity to do a noble act that literally saves someone's life and at the same time prevents the terrible suffering of abandoned animals.“
When it comes to animals, love must come first, they both agree. But they point out that love for animals should be love for the rest of their lives in the first place, regardless of all the obstacles and difficulties that life brings. „Farewells, trips, relocations, skiing, or going to the sea must not be an excuse for anyone to abandon animals. They are not objects, but beautiful beings who give a special meaning to our lives and with whom we can experience a lot of joy“, conclude Ingrid and Luka.

Animal Friends Croatia states that abandoning animals, especially before going on vacation, is extremely cruel and happens despite the fact that it is punishable by a fine of up to 30,000 HRK. Therefore, it constantly points out the importance of castrating the dogs and cats they care for and caring for them responsibly. It also reminds cities and municipalities to systematically control the microchipping of dogs and prescribe permanent castration as a way to control the reproduction of dogs and cats, with registered exceptions.

Animal Friends Croatia would like to thank Ingrid, Luka and everyone else who volunteered to contribute to the realization of the visual „Find an instant love at the shelter“: photographer Mare Milin, make-up artist Saša Knežević (Lil'Mee Makeup), associations Prava šapa and Hrabre njuške that take care of Betty and Nixa and the participants of the show „Večera za 5“, including Anita Perković for the preparation of a vegan snack. Campaign „Family on vacation, dog to the street?!“ was carried out in cooperation with the companies Arto and Europlakat.

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