02/13/20 AFC presents: Fishside story

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Harold is a fish that lives a very ordinary life. He loves his wife and adores his two children, and his favorite part of the day is having a family breakfast together after which he used to read "The Ocean Times". After drinking his morning coffee and reading the daily newspaper, Jadran dresses in business attire and swims to the office where he is greeted by colleagues. This likable animated character is the trademark face of the "Respect Our Sea" project, created in collaboration with Animal Friends Croatia and the international organization Eurogroup for Animals, whose common goal is to encourage compassion through education about fish as conscious beings who want to live.

The series consists of three animated films, with Animal Friends presenting the first two: "Fish Story: Breakfast at Harolds" and "Fish Story: Fish of Wall Street." Educational films, each lasting 30 seconds, inform the difficult and alarming situation of fish today and indicate that we can help them in a very simple way.

The depiction of Harold from a human perspective points to the similarities between fish and humans and the needs that we all have in common: the need for food, shelter, intimacy, and safety and care for ourselves and our children. Like all fish, Harold is a social being that plays an important role in the marine ecosystem. Fish, like other species, have their own sense of life that makes their lives as important as ours. Animal Friends Croatia wants everyone to be compassionate. They said, "We believe that many will identify with Harold and see that fish as sentient beings deserve our compassion."

It is worrisome that 2,500 billion fish are killed annually worldwide and many other animal species are tragically killed. "If we don't want the seas to become deserts instead of the biodiversity of places where life once lived, it's time to seriously rethink our life habits and ways we can prevent it," said Animal Friends Croatia, adding: "The importance of fish and other marine organisms is invaluable. It is important for the survival of all species, human and non-human on the planet, and we are all responsible and obliged to contribute to improving the current situation with marine animals. "

Harold's story is of Croatian production and animated by the studio Adriatic Animation. Educational films from the "Fish Story" series are free to use and distribute.

Breakfast at Jadrans' [ 756.87 Kb ]

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