Many gathered to participate in the March for the Animals!

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On the occasion of International Animal Rights Day, a long procession was organized for a more humane and fairer world

- Numerous citizens marched for the animals with banners and loud messages

On the occasion of International Animal Rights Day, on December 9th, 2017, hundreds of people marched through the center of Zagreb to draw attention to the injustice happening to animals every day.

The loud procession began at King Tomislav Square, inviting everyone to stand up for a better, more humane and fairer world for all animal species, later continuing to Frankopanska Street and Ban Jelacic Square. Followed by drummers, many animal friends marched while holding banners, flags and whistles that helped them unite their voices and demand the right to life without oppression and slavery as an undisputed right for everyone.

They came up with ingenious slogans to loudly oppose the abandonment of companion animals and to invite people to opt for adoption, to oppose animal exploitation in the name of entertainment and to encourage avoiding places where they are being detained, to oppose skinning animals for leather and fur and invited everyone to dress in a compassionate way, to oppose animal testing, to encourage ethical purchases, to oppose killing animals for food, and to invite everyone to veganism.

Vlatka Balas from Animal Friends Croatia, on the occasion of the successful March for the Animals, stated: "Today we can live perfectly normally without exploiting animals. Everyone can easily void dead animals and their excretions from their shoes, clothing, diet or cosmetics and thus help themselves, other people, the environment and animals. It is wonderful to see a group of like-minded people who have decided not to keep silent about the suffering of animals and to fight for righteousness. This has indeed been a successfully marked International Animal Rights Day in Croatia as well."

The fact that there are 18 political parties for the animals in the world (that is, those that do not put the short-term interests of a man in the spotlight, but rather the entire planet and all its inhabitants) is proof of even stronger future opposition to the abuse and exploitation of animals. Senator Christine Teunissen from the Dutch party Partij voor de Dieren gave support to the recent March for the Animals in Zagreb in this inspiring video. By their attendance, Dunja Vejzovic, Ibrica Jusic and Igor Barberic also supported the March, and numerous other celebrities sent their support messages.

Animal Friends Croatia would like to thank the co-organizers; the association Victories (“Pobjede”) and all the other associations that showed their support; the media who announced the demonstration; and the public figures and all the loud and relentless participants of the March for the Animals who got the attention of people in the street and sent a clear message of compassion to the Croatian public and joined the celebration of the International Animal Rights Day around the world.

And all those who did not get a chance to come to the March for the Animals are welcome to join the growing animal rights movement, get more information on the terrible practices against living beings, and find instructions on how each individual can help.

Check the photo gallery from the March for the Animals and the Facebook gallery.

March for the animals, photo: Jelena Rasic [ 560.41 Kb ]March for the animals, photo: Jelena Rasic [ 434.58 Kb ]March for the animals, photo: Ana Mihalić [ 431.65 Kb ]March for the animals, photo: Ana Mihalić [ 534.27 Kb ]March for animals, photo: Jelena Rasic [ 419.21 Kb ]March for animals, photo: Jelena Rasic [ 494.76 Kb ]

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