05/24/16 Letter to the Hvar Mayor related to the issue of abandoned animals

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City of Hvar
Attn. Mr. Rino Budrovic, Mayor
Ul. Milana Kukurina 2
21 450 Hvar

Zagreb, May 23, 2016

Subject: Request for assistance related to abandoned animals and a call for the implementation of the Animal Protection Act

Dear Mr. Budrovic,

We are writing to request your assistance and cooperation. Prompted by numerous complaints which we receive on a daily basis from the citizens of Hvar and its tourists, we would like to express our concerns about the state of the abandoned dogs in the city of Hvar. We were informed that the city does not yet have an official shelter for abandoned animals. Most of all, we hereby would like to remind you of your legal obligation and we call upon you to observe it as soon as possible.

Article 56 of the Animal Protection Act (OG 135/06, OG 37/1, OG 125/13), which has been in force since 2007, prescribes that local communities in Croatia are obliged to establish animal shelters in their areas. Since this law was enacted almost ten years ago, we believe that you understand the alarming extent of the situation with regard to arranging shelters, animal advertising and adoption, and animal neutering schemes as well as a population education programme.

According to our knowledge, in the area of the city of Hvar, a citizen is currently caring for the abandoned dogs on her own estate in Krizna luka, and at her own expense for the most part. Due to the high number of dogs in her care, we call upon you to assist this conscientious citizen in her noble cause to save the animals and help the community.

While Hvar is waiting on its official abandoned animals shelter, we ask that you assist the owner of the improvised shelter in Krizna luka with dog adoption. We suggest that, during the tourist season at the quay, you arrange a stand where educative materials can be distributed, which would inform the citizens of Hvar and tourists about the possibilities of adopting abandoned animals from the area as well as the advantages of neutering and the legal obligation of dog microchipping. Similarly, we recommend you place a permanent advertisement on the City webpage that encourages dog and cat adoption.

This would undoubtedly help the City of Hvar in terms of positive perception from foreign tourists, visitors who mostly come from countries where the situation they find in Hvar—which is a result of disregard and neglect—is completely unthinkable.

In addition, since preventative action is necessary, we call upon you to carry out an inspection over your area in order to determine whether all dogs have been microchipped, which is a legal obligation. According to the latest amendment to the Animal Protection Act, this can be conducted by community support officers.

We believe that you will understand the severity of the issue related to abandoned animals in the city of Hvar and that you will take appropriate measures.

We stand at your disposal regarding information and assistance as well as possible cooperation.

Luka Oman
Association President

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