04/08/16 Goran, Ivica, Vanna, Luka and Iva Shot a Video Clip

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After their photos with chinchillas in their arms appeared on billboards and social media, the campaign ambassadors shot a likable and inspiring video clip to explain why chinchillas rule and stood in defense of animals.

Croatian celebrities Goran Visnjic, Ivica Kostelic, Vanna, Luka Nizetic and Iva Sulentic decided to show their activist side by sharing video messages about why they want an improvement of the Animal Protection Act and why they support the existing ban on breeding chinchillas for their fur.

Holding a chinchilla in his arms, Ivica Kostelic explains the necessity of respect, equality, tolerance and reminds us that chinchillas are, like us, living beings and therefore they should have equal rights.

Coinciding with his statement Vanna said that from the beginning of her career love was her drive, which she wants to direct towards those who, unfortunately, cannot stand up for themselves.

The endearing and furry Johnny Bravo was so comfortable in the company of Luka Nizetic that he fell asleep in his arms. The famous singer said NO to fur now and forever, referring to the previous collaboration with Animal Friends.

With the statement that it's out of the question to put her soft furry friend Bon Jovi in someone else's hands, Iva Sulentic strongly criticizes breeding animals for fur, and admonishes those who wear fur.

Goran Visnjic generously accompanied the campaign from a different continent, stating that he gave his vote a long time ago to end the breeding and killing of animals for their fur and he repeated the message about the necessity of the ban on fur farming.

"It is logical that regulations of the Act should be preserved and that we should work on its improvements as it is necessary to ban killing of animals in shelters. So join the campaign to save chinchillas, dogs and all other animals that depend on our help. Share the video and their precious messages," president of Animal Friends Luka Oman said.

You can join the "Chinchillas Rule!" campaign by signing an online petition at http://www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr/index.en.php and by changing your profile picture using the application Twibbon: goo.gl/UNU3SJ.

The "Chinchillas Rule!" video clip can be viewed on Animal Friends YouTube channel www.youtube.com/afcroatia.

The "Chinchillas Rule!" campaign was launched in collaboration with Animal Friends and PR agency Drimia. The video clip was directed by Tomislav Povic. The campaign was supported by many other volunteers and sponsored by EPH, Europlakat, Vektor group and Arto.

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