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In her first public appearance on September 16th, 2016 the representative of chinchillas Chinchi has submitted a letter to minister Tihomir Jakovina at the Ministry of Agriculture. The cause of her appearance was minister's letter to the Croatian Parliament in which he clearly stated his intention of allowing the breeding of chinchillas for fur by making amendments and changes of the Animal welfare act, even before summoning the committee which was supposed to make a decision about the amendments. Knowing that the ban on raising animals for fur was second by politicians, the public and all chinchillas in 2007, a year in which the law was passed, Chinchi wrote to minister Jakovina begging him to keep the current ban which will be fully implemented in 2017, after the ten year transition time.

Considering the fact that Chinchi did not get a reply from the minister, she decided to put up a fight herself to save the existing law and chinchillas as an independent candidate for Croatian Parliament 2015.

Although she dind't win the elections and reach the Parliament, Chinchi stays true to her promises by continuing to publicly fight for chinchillas and all other animals bred for fur.

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New independent political candidate - Chinchi!Chinci with people [ 124.32 Kb ]Chinci with people [ 156.51 Kb ]Chinci with people [ 129.10 Kb ]Chinci with people [ 119.02 Kb ]

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