06/08/15 Founding an Shelter on Rab and Enforcing the Law on Animal Protection

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City of Rab
n/r dipl. oecc. Nikola Grguric, Mayor
Trg Municipium Arba 2
51 280 Rab

Zagreb, June 8, 2015

Subject: Appeal for enforcing the Law on Animal Protection and founding an animal shelter on the island of Rab

Dear Mr. Grguric,

the organization Animal Friends Croatia, as a non-profit organization formed to promote the protection of animals and animal rights, appeals for taking necessary measures in order to tackle the issue of abandoning the animals of Rab and to enable their adoption, as well as calls your attention to the lack of adequate care and protection of animals by the City of Rab, that is, the failure to enforce the Animal Protection Law.

We draw attention to the major issue of neglecting and abusing the animals of Rab, such as the numerous mass poisonings and very frequent individual cases of animal poisoning, as well as the failure to punish the offenders. The negligence of the owners always leads to this because animals are left to wander without supervision and they breed without control, while the unwanted litters are thrown out into the wild or the tourist settlements. This kind of treatment of animals is unacceptable and highly reprehensible.

By adequately taking care of the abandoned animals, educating the citizens on spaying/neutering the animals and by punishing the offenses, the island of Rab would, as one of the first-rate Jadran destinations, create a completely different public image in the eyes of the locals, as well as the tourists who visit the island each year. We are certain that it is possible to provide space for an animal shelter, where programs of spaying/neutering, as well as education, could be held.

We are asking the City to act according to the obligation of founding an animal shelter, which follows from the Article 56, paragraph 4 and 5 of the Animal Protection Act (Official Gazette 135/06, 37/1 125/13) and the Veterinary Act (Official Gazette 41/07) Act. By providing adequate requirements for founding a non-profit shelter with a no-kill policy and by treating the abandoned animals humanely, the City would fulfill its moral duty towards abandoned animals through a modern and a humane project, which would do credit to the island, as well as the City, of Rab.

At this moment, notwithstanding the given situation and issues, it is crucial to do as much as possible, to not procrastinate and by no means to do nothing because it would make the situation even worse. For this reason, we ask you to, in dialogue with the local organization, which, according to our information, is the only one actively trying to do something, immediately find a way towards resolving this issue.

We are at your disposal for any kind of information or cooperation.


Luka Oman
the president of the organization

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