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Dear friends,

Over 17 years ago, when we first founded our organization Animal Friends Croatia, we could not have imagined how helpful your membership would then become by giving us valued continued support, without which, we surely would not have survived.

Throughout these years, we have been variously tested in attempting to achieve the most optimal provisions for animals combined with minimal resources. As a non-profit organization we function in an environment which requires forceful determination together with financial substance. We will always maintain the fight for animal rights, environmental protection and human welfare - which is precisely why we need your help!

Since our funding is mainly from memberships and donations, all forms of help are very precious to us. We are constantly grateful for each of your paid memberships or donations in these challenging times.

We, therefore, encourage our former and new members to renew their yearly membership or make a donation on IBAN: HR2023600001101531137 or via PayPal. Yearly membership costs 120 kn (which is only 10 kn per month). We are thankful for each and every amount donated.

By thanking you for your help here, we recognise that you continue to make possible our key activities such as those actions against fur-use and many others.

By your assistance, our efforts and successes in the animal rights' movement become social, legislative and culturally-positive change.

Kind regards,

Animal Friends Croatia

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