06/27/14 Darijo Brzoja Against Animal Abandoning

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Animals Friends announces new campaign with the goal of stopping animals from being abandoned during summer holidays

- On Thursday June 26 at 11 A.M. shooting took place for the campaign "Family to the Seaside, Dog to the street?!"

Darijo Brzoja, a young and successful meteorologist and weather presenter on Nova TV, who also a vegan, is the new face of Animal Friends' latest campaign. He joined the campaign in order to draw attention to animal abandonment, and invite people to adopt animals.

Darijo will appear on City Lights and billboards in July, where he will encourage people not to abandon their animal friends.

During the summer months, as the summer holidays begin, there is an increased number of abandoned animals, especially dogs and cats. With this campaign Darijo wants to send the message that animal abandonment is not an option or a solution because we can take the animals with us on holiday or provide them with a temporary accommodation with family, friends, in a dog hotel or hire a person to temporarily look after them.

Campaign filming was realised in collaboration with photographer Goran Matijasec whilst Nives Spajic took care of the make-up.

Dogs from Dumovec shelter also took part in the filming, in order to encourage adoption at the same time.

Dario Brzoja against abandonment 1 [ 183.34 Kb ]Dario Brzoja against abandonment 2 [ 181.49 Kb ]Dario Brzoja against abandonment 3 [ 201.53 Kb ]Dario Brzoja against abandonment 4 [ 170.86 Kb ]Dario Brzoja against abandonment 5 [ 201.81 Kb ]

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