03/06/14 Invitation to a Meeting Regarding the Organization of Adequate and Legal Care for Abandoned Animals

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City of Rijeka
Vojko Obersnel, Mayor of Rijeka
Korzo 16
51000 Rijeka

March 6, 2014

Dear Mr. Obersnel,

We are writing to you on account of frequent calls that we receive from Rijeka's citizens regarding the Animal Shelter Lic and the general dissatisfaction with the fact that the Rijeka still has no city shelter. The city also fails to observe the legal regulations regarding animal protection, such as organizing an info-center, spay/neuter program, adoption program, and educational program. The citizens have shown particular concern about the fact that the city allows the killing of healthy animals.

Since we successfully collaborate with the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture, the City of Zagreb, and other units of local administration, we invite you to a brief meeting in which we could discuss our future collaboration, from which also the City of Rijeka could benefit.

We believe that Rijeka can and should answer to all the legal requirements, that is, organize the programs of care, adoption, and spay/neutering of animals, as well as educational programs for its citizens, all of that without killing animals and with considerable benefits for the city's budget. We also believe that we can help you achieve these goals.

We are looking forward to your prompt answer and our meeting in the near future.

Best regards,

Luka Oman
President of Animal Friends

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