05/09/13 Spaying/Neutering Program

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Ministry of Agriculture
Veterinary Administration
Planinska 2a
10000 Zagreb

May 9, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

Due to great citizen interest and the continual growth in numbers of abandoned animals on the streets, we are asking you for a monetary donation for the purpose of castrating stray and re-housed animals, of 50,000 kuna, or similar, depending on your means.

As the summer approaches, more and more animals are on the streets, especially cats that breed quickly, and their numbers are growing rapidly.

There are many citizens who, by fostering or neutering, want to stop further suffering of animals and thereby control the growth of their population. Spaying and neutering significantly help animal fostering, especially dogs. Apart from that, fostering animals without prior spaying or neutering does not solve the problem of stray animals and should not be practised.

Long term castration is the most effective way of solving the abandoned and stray animal problem, however, the regular price is often too steep for people who care about a large number of animals. This is why we managed to secure, in collaboration with the vets, for foster carers of abandoned animals, more favourable priced castration procedures throughout the whole year.

However, very often we hear from financially poorer citizens who genuinely want to help and are ready to catch the animals, take them to be spayed/neutered, care for them after the operation and foster them or return them to their habitat, but they cannot afford even the more favourably priced procedure due to the number of animals and their financial status.

Those people are mostly the ones who care about the population of stray cats and who try to foster stray dogs.

As an example, in just one week we receive over 150 queries about the spaying/neutering, and this is just from the town of Zagreb and Zagreb county area.

Continual educational efforts that we carried out in collaboration with institutions have achieved their goals - the citizens are more aware of the need to spay/neuter animals in order to protect them as well as people.

However, due to the difficult financial situation, many are not able to help in that way, and the program of free castration would enable them to do this. Finally, those same citizens care for stray animals at their own expense (food, medical bills, fostering) even though the animals are the responsibility of the local community, and should be met half way.

The free castration program is available only for stray and abandoned animals as well as those in the fostering process, which is controlled by an application that can be found at our web site where every animal is listed and all the work done on castration is transparent.

We are at your disposal for any questions and arrangements, via e-mail, telephone or in person, and we trust you will come to a positive solution to our request.

Kind regards,

Lidija Eterovic
Network Against Abandoning Animals Coordinator

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