02/27/13 Boris Novkovic in the Shocking Video about the Fur Industry!

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Animal Friends announces the continuation of the campaign "For Croatia without Fur"

- Famous singer calls for compassionate dressing

After publishing "Trim Fur Hurts Equally" ads, Animal Friends and Boris Novkovic are announcing the release of a short movie about animals used for their fur as part of the campaign "For Croatia without Fur".

In the short video, Boris addresses the public by explaining what animals bred, hunted and used for the needs of fashion industry go through. He also comments on clothing in stores that have no animal fur in their offer.

In the video, Boris states: "Every year, 75 million cats, dogs, seals, chinchillas and other animals are killed for the production of fur and fur trim. Animals endure great pain and suffering, which is completely unnecessary... Put yourself in the position of the weak and have a sense of justice. Buy clothes exclusively from non-animal materials."

In this two-and-a-half minute long documentary, shocking footage from associations People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Swiss Animal Protection and Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade are featured, and so the video may not be easy to watch for everybody.

This disturbing but educational video was filmed and directed by Tomislav Povic, who is also the author of the first Animal Friends film "Be Above Cruelty," which realized in cooperation with Bojan Jambrosic.

The video can be viewed at Animal Friends' web site and on the Animal Friends' YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/afcroatia.

We ask representatives of the media to publish the video or to invite the citizens to watch it on the Animal Friends website.

High resolution footage is available here.

The video was created in collaboration with Fur Free Alliance and support to the whole project was given by the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry of the City of Zagreb, Zale, Iskon, Europlakat, Arto, Print grupa, Sapunoteka, Vegehop, and bio&bio.

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