01/29/12 List of the Most Cruelly Dressed

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New list of Croatian celebrities who embarrass themselves by wearing animal fur

- Animal Friends invites celebrities who wear fur to dress themselves consistently with the 21st century

Each season has its customs and trends, including ones concerning clothes. A long time ago people used to wear animals to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions, and in some places they still do, although they cannot find a reasonable excuse for it. Wearing the fur of killed animals may have meant surviving or freezing to death, but wearing fur and killing animals for the same reasons in the 21st century, with an abundance of high quality non-animal materials which guarantee warmth, elegance, appeal, and beauty, cannot represent anything but a shameful legacy of a violently reincarnated past driven by profit.

Fashion awareness – especially in modern times – is expressed through creative design and style, and not fur belonging to animals, the loss of which means the loss of life to them. With parts of dead animals as trimmings, one can be attractive only to those whose views and spirit are stuck in the stone ages.

In the 21st century it is grotesque to display one's superiority over animals by promoting outdated patterns of dressing oneself. Sadly, some figures present in the media still do not follow modern trends, but attract attention with their lack of sensitivity for the suffering and horrible deaths of animals whose necks are broken, who are electrocuted, poisoned and suffocated. Their attempt to appear modern and trendy by wearing fur is laughable, and represents an ethical and fashion failure.

Animal Friends has compiled a list of five most cruelly dressed Croatian celebrities, who, by wearing fur, show a lack of compassion for millions of animals tortured and killed so that someone could be exposed.

Although these celebrities emphasise their love for dogs and cats, by weaing fur they directly support the deaths of dogs, cats, foxes, chinchillas, minks, rabbits and other animals, whose remains they wear. They often display their dogs with the same pride as they do their fur clothes, without realizing how distasteful it is to have a live animal next to them, and wear dead animals on them at the same time. Their statements that they cannot stand the suffering of animals, but at the same time that love towards animals has nothing to do with fashion, mean nothing to animals who have to die for that great "love."

Some put on animal fur because they think they achieve a certain status in society by doing so. But wearing animal fur is not something that brings reputation or creates an impression of sophistication and a person with taste. Wearing fur does not make someone seductive or sexy, just like the brutal vaginal and anal electrocution, which is the way animals are killed for fur, is not in the least sexy or glamorous. Breeding animals for fur has devastating consequences for the environment, and the process of manufacturing fur leads to great health risks, especially testicular cancer.

No one, including celebrities, can have the excuse of not being familiar with the way fur they wear is made or how irrelevant that matter is in society. They cannot justify themselves by saying that wearing fur is acceptable because animals are eaten and exploited anyway. Promoting fur is ethically and civilizationally backwards, and in complete discrepancy with style and fashion.

True stars are the ones who can wear their personality and value, instead of animal fur and skin, the ones who are ready to accept and understand that beauty comes from a compassionate heart.

The list of the most cruelly dressed celebrities in Croatia:

  1. Katarina Rautek
  2. Marko "Cruel Tomcat" Grubnic
  3. Maja Sput
  4. Indira Vladic
  5. Vlatka Pokos

We invite celebrities and designers to publicly condemn killing animals for fur, to condemn the manufacturing, selling and wearing fur, and to show fashion and ethical maturity.

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