Croatian Celebrities on Fur

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I think it is horrific to wear fur, I do not wear it and I am completely against it. If there are people aesthetically attached to those items, I would recommend them to wear fake fur and leave animals alone.
Emilija Kokic, singer

I adore animals and I am really against real fur, I never wear it. I would like to start a trend in which everyone who wears only artificial materials, like me, would point out that fact and advocate for not wearing real fur.
Vanna, singer

I have not worn fur in for a long time, I wear eco-fur coats because I think that the time has come when we don't have to kill animals to make people warm.
Tereza Kesovija, singer

I think that the sight of a fur coat is terrifying, as well as those who do not see 200 killed chinchillas in it. As long as people will wear fur, animals will be tortured and killed for them.
Ivana Radovnikovic, singer

There is no single clothing item I can definitely say I will never wear, but it is the most likely that I will never drape myself with a real fur coat. Dreadful are the scenes of tortured animals after which glamourous clothes are made, in which then teased up ladies can parade in their lacquered stilletoes.
Mirna Zidaric, sports reporter

I don't know what would have to happen for me to put on real fur. I shudder every time I think about the process of making fur clothes. That is why I don't understand people who ignore it and parade around the city center in fur coats. I think that in the 21st century we don't have to skin animals like the neanderthal from Krapina to protect ourselves from the cold.
Mirna Zidaric, sports reporter

I had a wolf fur coat, but although fur is very enticing, I wouldn't wear it any more because I would always ask myself how many animals had to pay with their life to make me warm. However, I would like to have one glamourous coat made of eco-fur.
Vanessa Radman, actress

Fur should be where it belongs. On animals!
Luka Novosel, defender of Ice Hockey Club Medvescak Zagreb

It is an honor to be able to help Animal Friends in this way in their struggle to end the killing of animals for fur. People need to be informed every day and reminded of the horrors which are done to animals for the needs of fashion industry. There is no justification for fur, instead of being silent about it we should loudly say NO.
Luka Nizetic, singer

I definitely support this action, I will support the next ones because I think that fur is not an item of clothing, and animals are not toys. I have never worn fur, and I never will, and those who cannot do without it have an alternative – fake fur. I have a dog and three cats and I have no desire to see them on a plate, mine or someone elses. I am glad that someone is seriously working on this project, but media should give more attention to this and similar problems of this society.
Minea, singer, said at the protest "Loudly for Croatia without Fur"

I cannot grasp how one can support violence to animals. There is no sense in so much torturing animals for fashion, especially because fur is not necessary and is completely replaceable. You can be modern without killing. Turn your back on fur and express your humanity!
Fani Stipkovic, model and journalist

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