03/06/11 List of the Most Cruelly Dressed

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A new list of Croatian celebrities who embarrass themselves by wearing animal fur

- Animal Friends invites celebrities who wear fur to step out of the cave and into the 21st century

Although true worldwide stars unambiguously condemn wearing fur, some public persons in Croatia still do not follow modern fashion and ethical trends. They attract attention by their lack of taste, arrogance and complete neglect for the suffering of animals and human poverty, who they could help by making donations instead of spending their excess money on expensive clothes produced by breaking necks, electrocution, poisoning and suffocating animals.

Fashion and ecologically aware celebrities know that fur is beautiful only on animals. When we think of the dogs, cats, foxes, chinchillas, minks, rabbits and other animals who have lead a painful life and a horrific death, it is clear that beauty comes from a compassionate heart. Therefore Animal Friends has made a list of the most cruelly dressed, who show lack of ecological consciousness and compassion to millions of animals, tortured and killed for fake glamour.

Although fur and sport do not go together, some athletes are in the list. Skiers do not need fur when they are skiing and winning medals, but still some publicly wear fur trimmings. Even a little fur hurts because most animals in the fur industry are killed for fur trimmings on coats, gloves, women's handbags, shoes, toys and cheap jewellery.

Some should be made aware that wearing somebody else's fur does not contribute to their sex appeal and seductiveness, especially considering the fact that vaginal and anal electrocution, which is used to kill animals for fur, is not in the least sexy.

Although some celebrities regret wearing fur, animals do not benefit from their regret. Celebrities should decidedly condemn the production, selling and wearing of fur and show their own fashion and ethical maturity by their own example. Many of them have dogs which they diplay publicly with the same pride as their fur clothing items, without realizing how distasteful it is to have a live animal by your side while wearing dead animals.

Recommending fur items at a time when, due to the majority being aware of the inappropriateness of the the fur industry, Croatia has legally banned breeding animals for fur, is completely inappropriate. Promoting fur is ethically and socially backward and in complete discrepancy with style and fashion.

When public figures, other than themselves, dress their children in fur, it becomes especially unsightly. Fur is most often skinned from very young animals. Children would definitely not want to wear a skinned dog, cat or any other animal.

Some put on animal fur because they think it gives them a certain status in society. But wearing animal fur embarrasses them, damages the reputation which they strive to achieve and gives an impression of a person without style and sophistication.

The complete list of the most cruelly dressed is as follows:

1 Iva Majoli
2 Iva Balaban
3 Maja Suput
4 Vlatka Pokos
5 Katarina Rautek
6 Jelena Popovic Volaric
7 Dolores Lambasa
8 Jelena Percin
9 Lorena Cavar
10 Nika Fleiss

Fur and skin are the remains of a dead animal and are not part of fashion, the value and the creative expression of which is determined by design, and not materials made by animal suffering. With a variety of top-quality non-animal materials, fur does not have a place in fashion. We invite public figures and designers to condemn killing animals for fur in their public statements.

In addition to the list of the most cruelly dressed we have published, we are open to suggestions for new candidates. Join us and condemn cruelty.

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