Tenth Anniversary of the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City of Zagreb

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The Shelter for abandoned animals of the City of Zagreb in Dumovec has existed since January 2001 and it is currently marking its tenth anniversary of caring for numerous abandoned animals.

The Shelter is a public institution. We accept abandoned dogs, and since last year we also have the room for the care of injured cats. In a couple of months we expect to obtain the ISO certificate.


We employ 18 staff members:

Abandoned dogs and injured cats are transported by our three vehicles, which are permanently on the streets.

The Shelter's working hours are 0-24 including on-duty shifts. It is open for visitations Mon-Fri from 10 A.M. to 12 noon and from 2:30-4:30 P.M. (3:30-5:30 P.M. during the summer) and from 10 A.M. to 12 noon on weekends and holidays.

Applicants for housing are received at any time to ensure as many dogs as possible find a home. One of our employees answers the phone from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M.. Twice a week, when students come to visit, or when dogs are filmed for tv-shows, we are assisted by an employee of the Pet Info Centre, to ensure the phone is always answered.

All the dogs admitted to the shelter are vaccinated against infectious diseases, spayed/neutered and put under continuous veterinary vigilance and care. We organize coaching and socialization training for dogs, which are regularly walked. We also spay/neuter street cats and take in injured ones.

Along with providing school practice for numerous secondary school students, we have initiated the program of education of pre-school children, who have been coming to the Shelter in order to learn about the friendship with animals and the proper treatment of pets. For their sake, and the sake of others who come to us to find their pets, we strive to provide the Shelter with a colourful and friendly appearance.

We are implementing the education in the open in the city centre through regular drives known by the slogan of "Adopting is Cool," which are organized in cooperation with animal protection organizations.

Apart from such associations and other institutions, we cooperate with volunteering centres, media and citizens. We print leaflets, posters and booklets and try to maintain presence in all types of media through drives and direct communication.

The Shelter keeps transparent computerized and printed records on the admittance and housing of animals. We are open to visits and controls by the competent institutions and individuals. We do not euthanize dogs in the Shelter, except when there is a medical indication or a confirmation of aggressiveness, but even then only in presence of the veterinary inspection and a dog coach.

Our priority is housing and the Shelter works on it eagerly. Marketing and education are of essence in this respect, because the more dogs we advertise, the more of them find a new home.

The Shelter's Operations in 2010

Last year our catchers performed 1368 interventions, 796 of them involving dogs, 385 cats, 63 crows, 32 snakes, 24 owls, 12 does, 10 bats, five martens, two horses and even one otter. Owners had 209 dogs returned to them and eight were handed over to animal protection groups.

Once in every four days, on the total of 89 occasions, we intervened together with the police; every nine days, on 43 occasions, our intervention was provided alongside the veterinary inspection and at least once a day we communicate with the emergency telephone centre (112).

During 2010, the Shelter took in 572 and provided home for 551; 228 cats were spayed/neutered, 169 taken for treatment and 59 housed. Supervision of housed animals was performed on 742 occasions.

Last year the Shelter was visited by 650 children of pre-school age, plus many primary and secondary school students.

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