12/13/10 Request for the Correction of Dog and Cat Vaccination Price

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Andjelko Gaspar, D.V.M., Dr. Sc.
Chamber Secretary
Planinska 2a
10000 Zagreb

December 13, 2010

Subject: Request for the correction of dog and cat vaccination price

Dear Mr. Gaspar,

We are grateful that you have set aside some of your time so that we could have a chance to introduce certain problems we believe can to a great extent be resolved in cooperation with the Croatian Veterinary Chamber.

One of the problems on which we inevitably come across during every meeting with any organization or shelter for abandoned animals is the price of abandoned animals' vaccination, which are too high for our living conditions and which have a completely unstimulating effect on compliance with legislative obligations. Indirect consequences of high castration prices are the abandonment of animals, lesser interest in providing a home for the animals, and finally, euthanasia. It is worth mentioning that euthanizing healthy dogs and cats unquestionably means less work for veterinarians. Also, as representatives of the profession, veterinarians should be against such practice on professional and ethical grounds as well.

We have to mention another aspect of this problem. In no way is the financial burden of a dog or a cat owner who cares after one or several animals equal. The total sum of financial resources needed for some of the shelters, which sometimes house more than 200 animals, is often financed exclusively out of donations, while people care for animals on a volunteer basis. At the same time the veterinary inspections demand results, that is, that the animals be vaccinated orderly and on time, of course, under the penalty of sanctioning them otherwise.

Having that state in mind, and considering the fact that we speak in the name of about 60 organizations from the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia gathered around in a project named "Network Against Animal Abandoning," we feel free to ask, that is, to address this request to the authorized bodies of the Chamber regarding the possibility of free vaccination for abandoned animals or at least a price correction (reduction). This would have a direct influence on the reduction of the number of abandoned animals and significantly contribute to the prevention of rabies outbreaks and spreading of other diseases.

We also ask that the veterinarians who area a part of your umbrella organization show respect and contribute in their area of expertise to the broader social interest by reducing the prices of their services, especially for shelters and organizations for abandoned animals, and that the Chamber asserts its influence on the lawmakers to alter the necessary.

We kindly ask of you to help us as soon as possible. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Luka Oman
President of Animal Friends

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