03/09/10 List of the Most Cruelly Dressed

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Animal Friends published a list of Croatian celebrities dressed in cruelty

Nowadays, where the market offers a wide variety of non-animal materials, promoting clothing of fur and thus brutally murdered skinned animals has to be condemned, such as those who dress in the same.

Animal Friends compiled a list of the most cruelly dressed Croatian celebrities whose dress show environmental unawareness and lack of compassion towards foxes, rabbits, minks, chinchillas, dogs, cats and other animals grown, captured, tortured and killed for fashion and glamour.

On the place one of the most cruelly dressed list is Marko Grubnic alias Fashion Tomcat. Fashion, or rather Cruel Tomcat, uses every opportunity to promote animal fur, while stressing assumed "love" to animals. The Cruel Tomcat who carries skinned animals is followed by Vlatka Pokos and Mia Begovic. The entire list of the worst and cruelly dressed looks as follows:

1. Marko Grubnic
2. Vlatka Pokos
3. Mia Begovic
4. Maja Lena Lopatny
5. Sandra Bagaric
6. Martina Tomcic
7. Alka Vuica
8. Jelena Percin Babic
9. Iva Balaban
10. Dijana Culjak-Selebaj

Unlike the ten ignominious listed here, many celebrities in the world and Croatia acknowledged their personal responsibility in promoting awareness in fashion and beauty which does not need to be shown by somebody else's skin. Although they love fashion and live luxurious and glamorous lives, they can do so without having to create clothings of or wearing fur.

Positive attitudes and appearance in public is more and more appreciated, where animals and their rights are respected. Famous people should watch about their good reputation and what kind of message they convey by wearing animal fur. Precisely from this reason, thumbs down for the cruelly dressed and thumbs up to all those who publicly condemn the killing of animals for fur!

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