The "For Croatia without Fur" Campaign 2008-2009

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On February 13, 2008, Animal Friends held the second protest against the Chinese fur industry in front of the Chinese Embassy in Zagreb. The emphasis of this protest was on the legal ban on import and sale of dog and cat fur in Croatia, according to the EU directives which already enforced this ban.

Some dogs with their guardians also joined this protest against the brutality of the Chinese fur industry so as to call to boycott the wearing of animal fur and fur-trim and to boycott the Olympics in Beijing, expecting a legal ban on import and sale of dog and cat fur in Croatia.

Following the footsteps of his predecessor Fani Stipkovic, Luka Nizetic, the most popular Croatian singer, also joined the ''For Croatia without Fur'' campaign by undressing himself for the billboards that were on January 29, 2009 set up in Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek, Varazdin, Sibenik, Dubrovnik, Pula, Djakovo, Slavonski Brod, Velika Gorica, Labin, and Zadar. Credits for the visual arrangement of the billboard go to Viktor Drago, and Dusko Vlaovic is the author of the photo.

Promotion and presentation of the main goal of the campaign with Luka Nizetic "Say No to Fur Now and Forever" took place on February 3 in Zagreb club Gjuro 2. At the promotion, Luka was supported by his colleagues Ivana Kindl, Jelena Radan, Lea Dekleva, Meri Jaman, and Anita Valo. For this campaign Luka Nizetic said: "It is an honor to be able to help Animal Friends in this way in their struggle to end the killing of animals for fur. People need to be informed every day and reminded of the horrors which are done to animals for the needs of fashion industry. There is no justification for fur, instead of being silent about it we should loudly say NO."

Organizing a performance on the Karlovac promenada on February 12, Animal Friends invited Karlovac people to say no to fur and join the national campaign ''For Croatia without Fur'', but also to come and support the big anti-fur protest in Zagreb on February 28, 2009. The same day a video projection and lecture were held in the Youth Center on the subject ''cruelty of clothing.'' During the lecture other topics of animal protection and rights were also discussed.

On Thursday, February 19, similar performance entitled "Fur Stinks" was enacted in Osijek, when Animal Friends activists wore gas masks on the Osijek promenade and Freedom Square, dragging "bloody" fur coats on chains and showing video footage of animals on fur farms. The same day at 8 P.M. in CNC Osijek – Youth Club, a public lecture about "cruel fashion" with the video footage "Their Future in Your Hands" took place.

Performance "Fur Stinks" also took place on promenade in Slavonski Brod on Friday, February 20, at 12 noon.

The big anti-fur protest, which took place in Zagreb on February 28, was supported by about 200 protesters from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Germany, and the Croatian singer Luka Nizetic. This year theme of the protest was the legal ban of import of dog and cat fur in Croatia.

You can also support the successful realization of this protest, as well as the campaign itself, with your donation that would cover the expenses on production of leaflets, banners and other supplies. For more information click here.

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