Thoughts About Dolphinariums and Aquariums

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Golden Drops of Bare Truths

Scott Trimingham (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society)
"Sea World of San Diego [and other marine mammals' jails. Adela P.] yank innocent/healthy dolphins and whales out of complex family social structures in the ocean where they swim 100 miles a day, put them in a tank, feed them frozen fish and wonder why they are afflicted with all kinds of physical/psychological illnesses and only live an average of 5.8 years!"

Naomi A. Rose, Ph.D. Marine Mammal Scientist
"Marine mammals. Their enslavers, marine parks, aquariums, etc. state captivity provides safety for the animals, portraying their natural habitats as hostile/dangerous places imperiled by pollution/ predation/parasites... Captive social groups are wholly artificial/the facilities mix unrelated animals/different stocks/ species that are never seen together in the wild/ sexes segregated/natural territoriality can rarely be accommodated/ infants taken from their mothers and moved to separate quarters long before their time... Yet, marine parks frequently state captive marine mammals are maintained in healthy social groups! Truth is marine mammals suffer a confined/torturous existence PLUS forcible performance PLUS a higher annual mortality rate in captivity than in the wild per the Int'l. Marine Mammal Assn. report in 1995 and also a paper published in Marine Mammal Science by two U.S. government scientists in 1995." (The Animal's Agenda)

Ric O'Barry, former dolphin trainer for the RV show Flipper
"They say that exhibiting (dolphins) has educational value, but the only thing it teaches is the fine art of human cruelty."

Jacques-Yves Cousteau
"Perhaps the time has come to formulate a moral code which would govern our relations with the great creatures of the sea as well as with those on dry land. That this will come to pass is our dearest wish."
"If human civilization is going to invade the waters of the earth, then let it be first of all to carry a message of respect - respect for all life." (The Whale: Mighty Monarch of the Sea)

Nick Carter, former Backstreet Boys singer and United Nations Special Ambassador for the Year of the Dolphin campaign
"I am really excited, but also a little nervous about this much responsibility - it is an actual job. There are responsibilities and commitments that I must make to be the voice of dolphins, whales and conservation issues, and the expectations are quite large. Everyone loves dolphins. Yet, we are still driving them to extinction."

Lori Marino, an evolutionary neurobiologist at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center
"If an alien came down anytime prior to about 1.5 million years ago to communicate with the 'brainiest' animals on Earth, they would have tripped over our own ancestors and headed straight for the oceans to converse with the dolphins."

Ric O'Barry
"I spent ten years building that industry up [i.e. capturing and training dolphins], and I spent the last thirty-five years trying to tear it down."

Marion Cotillard
"I'd rather see whales in their own environment and not in a swimming pool. I will never go back to a Sea World."

GOLDEN DROPS OF BARE TRUTHS collected by Adela Pisarevsky

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