Thoughts About Animal Experimentation

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Golden Drops of Bare Truths

Vernon Coleman
"Vivisection is probably the best and longest established form of organised, officially acknowledged animal cruelty. Vivisection is symbolic of the way we treat animals. It has the support of the world's most profitable industries. I believe that when vivisection is banned other forms of animal cruelty will quickly disappear too. Vivisection is the most immoral, academically and intelectually dishonest form of animal abuse. Now that slavery and apartheid have been abolished I firmly believe that vivisection is the most evil and barbaric, unjust and unjustifiable practice on earth." (from the book Fighting for Animals)

Muriel The Lady Dowding (1908-1993)
"Do we deserve health and freedom from accidents when in the name of research we deliberately bring disease and agony on millions of animals by vivisection? I think we do not and, by the great law of cause and effect, As you sow, so shall you reap, we must reverse this dreadful state of affairs. Man must start to put right the world he is destroying and, of the many disasters he has brought about, probably the most evil is that of imprisoning a living, feeling and, in many cases, terrified animal, infecting it with painful illness, mutilating it, and eventually, after its suffering, taking its life." (Public lecture)

Roger Caras (1924-)
"... I do know this from long association with the scientific community (not as an adversary but as a friend): about eighty per cent of what goes on in the laboratory has nothing whatsoever to do with the good of mankind. Only twenty per cent can be exalted to that level. The remaining eighty per cent is for the fun, profit, reputation, or other benefit of the experimenter. We may be a little less sure of ourselves beside the laboratory bench than we are by the rodeo chute or the slaughterhouse ramp or the leghold trap. But this I can tell you: we have enough right on our side to push on ahead, know it better, and clean that mess up." (On the Fifth Day)

G. W. Foote (1850-1915)
"... I regard (vivisection) as the ulitmate horror of the man's unjust dealing with the animals. I believe that Secularists are prepared to support legislation for its entire prohibition. We are not in favour of any priesthood. The old ecclesiastical priesthood burnt men for the good of mankind; the new medical priesthood tortures animals for the same object. But bad means never lead to a good end. I suspect salvation that has to be promoted by the murder. I am not in love with health that has to be promoted by torture. Personally I do not want to find a little gold dust in the polluted troughs of cruelty. I would rather keep poor and clean. Nor will I be misled by cheap talk about the great principle of sacrifice. When an Anarchist told me, soon after the assasination of President Carnot, that new ideas always had their baptism of blood, I told him that I did not object to their shedding blood; they might shed all they had; what I objected to was their shedding the blood of others. If some person, full of scientific zeal, and burning with the enthusiasm of humanity, will offer himself to be vivisected, I shall respect his generosity, whatever I may think of his intelligence. But I object to his offering me. He must wait till I offer myself. And I object to his offering any other man - or any other animal." (From a lecture given before the Humanitarian League, published 6 and 18 March 1904 in The Freethinker)

Michael Byrom (1927-)
"A scientist is a man with abnormal insight into the physical side of life, and in consequence, largely unconcerned with aesthetic and moral issues. To him, the questions, Is it possible? and Is it necessary?are the questions of importance, and Is it right? of no account whatever. A laboratory is thus moral-less, soulless place where life-saving drugs are produced dispassionately alongside poison gas or hydrogen bombs, and where the torture of defenceless animals is sanctified by the excuse that mankind is being benefited. Those who are morally sensitive enough to feel revolted at the notion of vivisection, are often confused when faced with the indesputable argument that human lives can be saved as the results of these experiments. Which are more valuable, it is asked, 'dogs or humans?' To which the answer, of course, is Dogs, if the humans are so inhuman as to torture dogs in order to save their own miserable skins."
"These experiments are not benefiting mankind, they are degrading mankind. Human progress does not lie in finding a cure for cancer by killing ten thousand animals; it lies in realizing that the cure for cancer is not worth the life of a single animal. Human progress, in other words, lies in moral, not in scientific or medical progress." (Ibid.)

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
"Vivisection is the blackest of all of the black crimes that man is at present commiting against God and His fair creation. It ill becomes us to invoke in our daily prayers the blessings of God, the Compassionate, if we in turn will not practise elementary compassion towards our fellow creatures." (The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism)

Dr M. Beddow Bayly, MRCS, LRCP (1887-1961)
"The quesiton of vivisection, which may be defined as the subjection of animals to eperiments in the pursuit of scientific knowledge or commercial manufacture, is primarily a moral one, and it is upon this ground that I oppose it; for I refuse to believe that the pathway of true progress in human knowledge for the attainment of health can demand for its treading the infliction of pain and suffering upon beings weaker than ourselves, but sharing with us that One Life which animates all creatures."
"Indeed, man only shows his superiority to the so-called brute creation in so far as he manifests the truly human attributes of compassion for the helpless, courage in the face of personal suffering, and heroism that even prefers death to dishonourable action."
"Vivisection is founded on the selfish principle that might is right, that the end justifies the means, and that the material benefit should take precedence of moral obligation. It appeals to the basest instincts of fear and cowardice and excuses any cruelty on the tyrant's plea of necessity. Before the bar of justice vivisection stands condemned on three main counts - cruelty to animals, uselessness to man, and obstruction on the path of real knowledge." (Spotlights on Vivisection)
"In a universe which embraces all types of life and consciousness and all material form through which these manifest, nothing which is ethically wrong can ever be scientifically right; in an integrated cosmos of spirit and matter, one law must pervade all levels and all planes. This is the basic principle upon which the whole case against vivisection rests. Cicero summed it up in the four words: No cruelty is useful." (Members of the Theosophical Society and Vivisection)

Axel Munthe
"The wild, cruel beast is not behind the bars of the cage. He is in front of it."

"Vivisectors are so busy attempting to re-create spontaneous human diseases in animals, that we still do not have a clue as to what causes most major diseases in man."

Bob Barker
"No less an authority than Dr. Charles Mayo, founder of the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, said, 'I abhor vivisection. It should at least be curbed. Better, it should be abolished. I know of no achievement through vivisection, no scientific discovery, that could not have been obtained without such barbarism and cruelty. The whole thing is evil.'" (The Price is Right)

Chris DeRose
"It took me a couple of years reading the vivisectors' own literature to convince me that animal experiments have no scientific relevance to human health anyway." (Last Chance for Animals: "In Your Face")

Animals' Advocate (Animal Legal Defense Fund)
"We must ensure that the public debate on this issue [cloning] is broadened to consider the interests of the animals whose lives are so intimately and helplessly involved in. 'We may be the only lawyers on earth whose clients are all innocent!'"

Mrs. Milton Bernhart (Reader Forum-AARP Bulletin)
"Your good article about causing serious questions when medical results on men studies are applied to women, opened my eyes: If men and women are so different, how in the world can scientists reach any valid conclusions from the myriad projects and experiments with animals??? It makes all the animal testing/experimentation pretty futile!"

CONTACT Magazine
"Vivisector Bobby Gormus of Tulane U. captured sooty mangabeys monkeys from their homes in Africa to inject them with leper illness and watch leprosy eat away their faces!!!"

Solveig Wagner, Denmark (Mailbag-The Civil Abolitionist)
"A leaflet from England said: 'According to World Weekly News Dr. Walther and Dr. Henry Kurig, delivered a paper to an unnamed International Medical Society in Paris in which they claimed to have kept the severed head of an accident victim alive in a private Leipzig hospital for 20 days. The patient was able to communicate by blinking his eyes in response to questions.'"
[Ghastly play at the taxpayers' hard earned sustenance! Adela Pisarevsky]

Animal Rights Coalition, Inc.
"Our knowledge of the human heart derives from the section of cadavers and countless cases of serious accidents/injuries in which doctors must directly intervene, and from radiological observations. The heart of a dog is an unreliable and dangerous guide to the human heart. A dog's heart differs in fundamental respects such as having a highly irregular/intermittent pulsation. A heart surgeon cannot learn how to do a bypass or transplant correctly from having practiced on a dog. There are no substitutes for being properly apprenticed in the operating room, after extensive practice on cadavers, long hours of observing, assisting an experienced surgeon. The same unfortunate misleadings apply to brain surgery!"

Bina Robinson (The Civil Abolitionist)
"The first patients to receive pacemakers died because they had been designed to suit the characteristics of dogs used in the experiments. It wasn't until after they were redesigned to accommodate humans' requirements from clinical observations on humans that they became beneficial."

Adela P.
"'Alternatives': Obsolete word! It means one may or may not use animals. REPLACEMENT is the proper word meaning: NO! You may not use animals any more than you may use humans!!!"

PETA's Animal Times
"Cruelty-Free toothpaste pioneer Tom's of Maine, has challenged Fortune 1000 companies that test on animals, with the pledge of a $5000 donation to an animal charity on behalf of the next company that stops animal testing!"

Jan Fasano
"CANCERS? AIDS? OTHER MALADIES RISING??? If you value your ONLY health you have, do not let these enter your body! Read how to avoid most diseases through your own ingenuity, without poisonous medications or treatments. Hans Ruesch' SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT tells how to avoid being experimented on you or a loved one while in a hospital! It's filled with proof that animal experimentation is a monumental fraud, totally unrelated to humans' illnesses!"

John Cowper Powys
"I refer to the tyranny of science. The old horrors are being brought back. Though we no longer torture in the name of God or in the name of the State, we torture in the name of science!" (Moral Evolution)

Jan Fassano
"The only 'anesthesia' used on lab animals (if any) is curare. It paralyzes their bodies while leaving them fully conscious to suffer the pain which intensifies as there are no psychological 'outlets' such as crying/convulsions/gasps/grabbing things or one's own body. Impossible to conceive a more horrible sufferance than an intelligence which has to witness each successive failing/cutout of his organs/unable to utter a single cry (vocal cords cut off)/unable to move to at least try to escape the sinister enslavement of being locked up alive inside his own pain-wrecked corpse!" (Forgotten Victims of Laboratories)

Murray Cohen, M.D.
"As a health care professional who directed a substance abuse rehabilitation center for 9 years, I'm dismayed and disgusted to see precious health care dollars squandered away on these trivial/irrelevant/repetitive/misleading animal experiments."

William A. Cave, Late Pres. (AAVS)
"When evaluated on the basis of real usefulness to humanity, 'scientific research' is a fraud, whether intentional or not."

American Anti-Vivisection Society
"In the 'publish or perish' academic science world, it requires little originality/insight to take an already well-defined animal model, change a variable or the species and report 'new/ interesting' findings in a very short period! The many species available and nearly infinite possible manipulations offer researchers the opportunities to 'prove' almost any theory that serves their economic/professional/political needs; i.e., they have 'proven' in animals that cigarettes do or do not cause cancer depending on the funding source!"

"By the year 2000 according to a December 16, 1988 New York Times article, death rates in hospitals will be excessive. We are now more prone to developing cancer than ever before, despite the billions of dollars and the millions of genetically engineered mice and other animals used to find 'miracle cures' which are always 'just around the corner'."

Eleanor Roosevelt
"It seems to me of great importance to teach children respect for life. Towards this end, experiments on living animals in classrooms should be stopped. To encourage cruelty in the name of science can only destroy the finer emotions of affection and sympathy, and breed an unfeeling callousness in the young towards suffering in all living creatures."

John Cowper Powys
"Torturing animals to prolong human life, has separated science from the most important thing that life has produced... the human conscience!"

European Medical Journal
"To suggest that students can't study science without chopping up animals is as daft as claiming that students can't understand history without using a time machine. The Argentine government banned dissection in 1987 stating 'Biology is the science of life and it is not consistent to teach it at the expense of other beings. Experiments on animals are part of a dangerous process which tends to desensitize the mind to pain and suffering.'"

Hans Ruesch
"Because of their highly sensitive nervous systems and outstanding physical endurance, cats are the preferred animals for particularly painful and long-lasting neurological experiments... devised by plainly unbalanced minds!" (Naked Empress)

Editors of Consumer Reports Books
"In a study presented to the American College of Chest Physicians, laboratory animals exposed to steam vapors of VapoRub were reported to experience a decline in their natural defenses against bacterial infection. It is not known whether such an effect would also apply to human beings. [!!!]" (The Medicine Show)

William O. Lipinski (Member of U.S. Congress)
"I'm in firm agreement that all the animal experiments in the world will not change the fundamental social problems of drug abuse and addiction."

George Bernard Show
"There are hundreds of paths to scientific knowledge. The cruel ones can teach us only what we ought NOT to know!"

Irwin Whitman, M.D. (Dir. of Med Affairs-Bristol-Myers)
"If we only look at it from the point of view of efficiency and economy, we are much better off doing anything we do in vitro than in animals because it's cheaper, it's quicker, it's more reliable, there's less variation - everything about it is better."

Dr. Richard LaRosa (Pharmacologist)
"Tests on animals, no matter how well run, aren't going to give you the final answer because, quite simply, one doesn't know what effect our products have on people."

Elliott M. Katz, DVM (In Defense of Animals)
"Procter & Gamble relies on archaic tests strictly for its own protection from liability lawsuits. P&G could stop animal testing today without hindering anyone's safety. Until it stops its animal cruelty, P&G will stand for PAIN & GREED! Please tell them so: (800) 543-7270."

Stephen Kaufman, M.D. (NYU Medical Center)
"As an ophthalmologist, I have no use for Draize test data because the rabbit's eye differs from the human eye... I know of no case in which an ophthalmologist used Draize data to assist in the care of a patient."

Daniel Baden, ND Dip. Hom.
"The World Health Organization (WHO), issued a bulletin recognizing a drastic increase in the number of polio cases in Africa, Asia and South America following mass immunizations there... AND, the 11-21-91 Journal of the American Medical Association reconfirmed that the vast majority of measles outbreaks were in those previously vaccinated against that disease." ('Vaccination -Why Not?') (Quoted in The Civil Abolitionist)

Bill Curry, L.A. Times
"In the U.S. today the only cause of polio is the oral vaccine routinely administered to infants in society's drive... to rid the nation of this very same disease!"

"There's Profit in Illness! Cancer Society does not help! We are not a society of prevention of illness or taking responsibility for our own health, let someone else do it for us. It's much easier to buy and pop a drug, for a hopeful quick fix even if that drug has side effects and is harmful and unnatural for our bodies. Add to this our stressful life styles and poor eating habits, is it any wonder then that the profiteers have us like puppets on a string for 'legal' drugs and junk food???"

Adela P.
"Open up secret animal laboratories to TV and press cameras! Animal experimentation is voodoo/santeria - not science!!! Humans don't benefit from them - scientists' pockets do..."

Steve Simmons (Aids Activist)
"Science that fails to embrace all living beings is far more dangerous than any virus!"

Faith (Granny) Senior
"Warning! Laboratories prefer your pet for torturous research; they say they are easier to handle." (Pet Gazette)

J.F. Brailsford, MD
"During the last 70+ years, scientists experimenting on trillions of animals, came up with 900 ways of causing cancer in a mouse... BUT NO CURE TO HUMANS!"

Jan Fasano
"Shun all medical treatments as they are deadly to humans and cruel to animals! They are evil, like witchcraft or voodoo and carry bad vibrations which cause psychic and physical damage. Everything in the universe has certain vibrations - cruelty carries negative and harmful vibrations. Cruelty always backfires on anyone causing/ patronizing it. Evil actions such as vivisection could only result in suffering and death to those doing or accepting it."

"Giving custody of abused animals to the National Institutes of Health is like asking Jack the Ripper to protect a woman's dormitory!"

M. Beddow Bayly (Royal College of Surgeons, England)
"Vivisection is founded on the selfish principle that might is right, that the end justifies the means and that material benefit should take precedence to moral obligation. It appeals to the base instincts of fear and cowardice, and excuses any cruelty on the tyrant's plea of necessity. Before the bar of justice, vivisection stands condemned on three main counts: cruelty to animals, uselessness to man and obstruction on the path of real knowledge."

Tom Dworetzky
"Technology is too important to leave to the scientists." (Modern Maturity magazine)

Dr. Robert Gesell, Chairman, Dept. of Physiology, University of Michigan
"We are drowning and suffocating unanesthetized animals in the name of science. We are determining the amount of abuse that life will endure in unanesthetized animals in the name of science. We are producing frustration ulcers in experimental animals under shocking conditions in the name of science. We are observing animals for weeks, months or even years under infamous conditions in the name of science. With the aid of the halo supplied by the faith of the American people in medical science, the National Society for Medical Research converts sanctuaries of mercy into laboratories regardless of how the animals are to be used. What a travesty by humanity!"

Dr. Robert Gazelle
"This [animal experimentation] may well prove to be the blackest spot in the history of medical science!!!"

"Lab Animals: Unseen they suffer, unheard they cry, in agony they linger, in loneliness they die!"

Fyodor Dostoyevsky
"Imagine that you are creating a fabric of human destiny with the object of making men happy in the end, giving them peace and rest at last, but that it was essential and inevitable to torture to death only one tiny creature, and to found that edifice on its unavenged tears. Would you consent to be the architect on those conditions? Tell me, and tell the truth." (Quoted by Hillary Morris, Animal Rights New York City)

"Kindness to animals inevitably leads to kindness to human beings. All cruelty inflicted on animals, inside or outside the experimental laboratory, brutalizes the perpetrator. Pain ends with the death of the animal but the degrading effect lives on."

George Bernard Shaw
"Atrocities are no less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called 'medical research.'"

Prof. Gary L. Francione (Rutgers U. School of Law)
"Researchers claim that animals are like us, and we need to use them in order to understand and treat our diseases. But these same researchers claim that animals are unlike us, so that we need have no moral concern about our exploitation of them!"

Clare Booth Luce
"It is difficult to entertain a warm feeling for a 'medical man' who straps dogs to a table, cuts their vocal cords, and spends an interesting day or week slowly vivisecting or dismembering them."

"The laboratory animal lives in hell and dies in hell by the millions, every year, time without end!"

"Testing Cosmetic and Household-Products: Frying mice in tin foil, pouring strong chemicals into the eyes of screaming rabbits, cramming lipstick into the anuses of guinea pigs, pouring strong acids down the throats and rubbing them on their bodies after stripping off the skin of many animals is the idea of the cosmetic/ household companies to protect themselves against lawsuits!!!"

Robert Browning
"I would rather submit to the worst of deaths, so far as pain goes, than have a single dog or cat tortured on the pretense of sparing me a twinge or two."

Mark Twain
"I believe I am not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are profitable to the human race or doesn't. To know that the results are profitable to the race would not remove my hostility to it. The pain which it inflicts upon unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity toward it, and it is to me sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further."

Ingrid Newkirk (PETA)
"Animal Liberation Front (ALF) are not the terrorists - the terrorists are in the white coats in the labs. ALFs are peaceful rescuers of animals who do not recognize the animal experimenters' 'animal property rights'!"

Animals Agenda
"Federal Freedom of Information Act makes it possible for anyone to obtain vivisectors' grants documents & lab inspection reports, by accessing 'CRISP' and 'MEDLINE' computer systems. Medical Journals and animal periodics also describe vivisection procedures, and who is doing what, where and why."

Jack Tanis
"Second Opinion: The irony of scientific anti-vivisectionism, when dogmatically advocated with twisted zealousness, is that vivisection never will be abolished by appealing to those same vivisectors' characteristics: selfishness and greed: e.g. 'damn the animals and think only of yourselves; vivisection is bad for you.' Every effective anti-vivisectionist I ever have known has a deep, abiding love and respect for species other than his own Hans Ruesch included, in the pages of Slaughter of the Innocent." (Mailbag-The Civil Abolitionist)

Humane Activist News (Animals Need You, Inc.)
"'GET ME OUT OF HERE!' Desperately begged Washoe to a visitor! He was a caged ape kept by Roger and Deborah Fouts to teach him OUR language! The nonhuman holocaust is being challenged on many fronts. Chimpanzees can abstract. Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. Carl Sagan asks: 'How smart does a chimpanzee have to be before killing him constitutes murder? Like other animals, they are capable of strong emotions. They have certainly committed no crime.'"

Hugh Downs
"They are innocent captives, taken from their homes, even taught sign language... then sacrificed as living experiments/given our most deadly diseases." (ABC TV's 20/20) (Quoted in In Defense of Animals' Letter)

Adela P.
"Booee was another chimpanzee in captivity by Roger and Deborah Fouts to teach him OUR language. AND FOR WHAT??? TO END UP... IN A LABORATORY!!! In their own article 'My Brother's Keeper-A Reflection on Booee' in Satya Magazine 12/96, it was stated that after the language experiment, Booee spent 17 years at the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP), at the New York University School of Medicine in upstate New York!!! And for this, Booee had to suffer the inevitable torments of captivity including isolation from his own species/habitat/other! We now have created a NON-HUMAN EXPERIMENTAL SUBJECT who knows OUR language yet was used in a vivisection lab for 17 years - his knowledge of language didn't save him from burning in hell in his lifetime! His researchers having finished (tired of?) damaging his entire life, go on with theirs... (AND others'), unconcerned and happy giving lectures/writing books about their 'success'..."

Adela P.
"There are two more sinister ends in the bloody business of animal experimentation: (1) acquire knowledge for knowledge sake by torturing/murdering animals (2) give to animals knowledge for knowledge sake by torturing...then murdering them!!! 'Scientists': you have attained the ultimate mode of life... a FRANKENSTEIN in the 21st Century!!! You are (poor entities!) hopelessly brain-defectives!!!"

Members of the Theosophical Society and Vivisection
"In a universe which embraces all types of life and consciousness and all material forms through which these manifest, nothing which is ethically wrong can ever be scientifically right; in an integrated cosmos of spirit and matter, one law must pervade all levels and all planes. This is the basic principle upon which the whole case against vivisection rests. Cicero summed it up in the four words: 'No cruelty is useful.'" (Quoted by Dr. M. Beddow Bayly, MRCS, LRCP)

"Vivisection: No Lie Can Live Forever!"
"There is no money to be made from healthy people! This is why the medical and research establishments are not interested in prevention (practically all diseases are preventable). Animal research is directly responsible for the rampant growth of old diseases, as well as scores of new ones such as Alzheimer's and AIDS. Animal research is a medical and scientific fraud because, among other things, it is impossible to re-create a naturally occurring disease in a healthy animal, therefore these data are not applicable to man and thus tragically misleading. This is why no disease has been cured in the 20th Century, except infectious diseases, thanks to nutrition, hygiene and public sanitation. Because of AIDS (the new gold mine for the biomedical establishment), we are now pouring more billions into the pockets of the very 'researchers' and 'scientists' who never cured cancer/heart disease/diabetes or anything else." (The Nature of Wellness)

Bob Cromie
"Imagine having your body donated to science... while you are still in it!" (Chicago Tribune)

Brigid Brophy
"A medical profession founded on callousness to the pain of the other animals may eventually destroy its own sensibility to the pain of humans." (Animals, Men and Morals)

Edmund Vance Cooke
"We called him 'Rags.' He was just a cur, But twice, on the Western Line, That little old bunch of faithful fur Had offered his life for mine. And all that he got was bones and bread, Or the leavings of soldier-grub. But he'd give his heart for a pat on the head, Or a friendly rickle and rub. And Rags got home with the regiment, And then, in the breaking away - Well, whether they stole him, or whether he went, I am not prepared to say. But we mustered out, some to beer and gruel and some to sherry and shad, And I went back to the Sawbones School, Where I still was an undergrad. One day they took us budding M.D.'s To one of those institutes Where they demonstrate every new disease By means of bisected brutes. They had one animal tacked and tied And slit like a full-dressed fish, with his vitals pumping away inside As pleasant as one might wish. I stopped to look like the rest, of course And the beast's eyes leveled mine, And his short tail thumped with a feeble force And he uttered a render whine. It was Rags, yes Rags! who was martyred there, Who was quartered and crucified, And he whined that whine which is doggish prayer And he licked my hand - and died. And I was not better in part nor whole than the gang I was found among, And his innocent blood was on the soul Which he blessed with his dying tongue. Well! I've seen men go to courageous death In the air, on sea, on land! But only a dog would send his breath In a kiss for his murderer's hand. And if there's no Heaven for love like that, For such four-legged fealty - well! If I have any choice, I tell you flat, I'll take my chance in hell." (Medical Student)

Jon Evans
"Vivisection is an outrage against any civilized concept of decency."

Mark Twain
"I believe I'm not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are profitable to the human race or doesn't. To know that they are profitable to the race would not remove my hostility to it. The pain which it inflicts upon unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity toward it and it is to me sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further."

Henry J. Bigelow (Harvard Physiology Professor)
"A day will come when the world will look upon today's vivisection in the name of science the way we look today upon witch hunts in the name of religion."

Leon Tolstoy
"What I think about vivisection is that if people admit they have the right to take and endanger the life of living beings for the benefit of many, there will be no limit for their cruelty."

Javier Burgos
"Some people figure that from the countless millions of animal experiments in the last 50 years, something useful must surely have come out, and say that in the future it may be possible to find a cure for cancer, AIDS, diabetes, spinal cord injury, through animal research... This is what I call the 'Las Vegas Syndrome.' They figure if enough coins are put into the slot machine of biomedical research with animals, the vivisectors will eventually hit the jackpot!" (The Nature of Wellness)

Will Durst
"Scientists at Stanford U. found a genetic key to the aging process in worms, which means one day man will finally break the shackles of mortality and fish much longer with the same bait." (Quoted in The Civil Abolitionist)

Quoted by the National Anti-Vivisection Society
"This is one of many ways vivisectors try to get their promised cures to humans' illnesses: 'Urination: find out why an adult male dog lifts his leg to urinate while a female squats.'"

The Civil Abolitionist
"'BABY OR DOG, ANIMAL RESEARCH KILLS BOTH: BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, MILLIONS OF ANIMALS, WHERE ARE THE CURES?' said large banners wielded by David Brainerd at a demonstration at the John Hopkins Spring Fair."

Prof. L.H. Anderson
"The vivisector, dominated by one idea with so-called enthusiasm for the welfare of the human race, declares that animals must be sacrificed in unlimited numbers and at any cost to save the human family from pain." ('The Torture of Science' Voice Of The Voiceless)

Prof. L.H. Anderson
"Filled to overflowing with a curiosity which they will gratify at whatever cost, and utterly devoid of pity, they perform the most agonizing experiments - a most brutal torture - on sentient creatures whose nervous systems are as highly organized as that of man." ('The Torture of Science' Voice Of The Voiceless)

William Flatay
"Dr. Robert J. White who for over 20 years has been transplanting heads on monkeys is also an advisor to Pope John Paul II on medical ethics! Dr. White, a devout Catholic with 10 children, says animals have no rights. He admits the once-healthy monkeys are paralyzed after the transplants and soon die! He hopes to begin head transplants on terminally ill humans!!!" (Article in the Scottish Sunday Newspaper)

Andrew Salm, M.D., Los Angeles, CA
"Most research today is just repetitious protocol, done to write papers, to complete educational requirements, and to obtain federal grant money. 90% of animal experiments are done carelessly, callously, in filthy surroundings, upon starved and mistreated animals (these things the public will never be allowed to see), for the sake of research is an end in itself, and done when the outcome is already well known."

Prof. L.H. Anderson
"Ah, those poor science-tortured animals! That they might speak with man's tongue and forbid the madness of men; that they might cry out with one voice against those scientific horrors called vivisection; that these physiological investigations with unutterable sufferings might be forever abolished!" ('The Torture of Science' Voice Of The Voiceless)

Bob Cromie
"Unless you have a tolerance for cruelty, an indifference to suffering and the inability to recognize idiocy solemnly posing as research, I suggest you stay away from the so-called science fairs! They cause outrageous suffering for animals, and have an unhealthy impact on school children permitted to perpetrate 'experiments' which are inescapably reminiscent of those done on humans in the Nazi era. Do you suppose they now give high school credits in beginning and advanced sadism???" (Chicago Tribune)

Jan Fasano
"Many young students compete for prizes in extremely violent so-called 'science fairs', performing terrifying/inhuman experiments on helpless creatures! A boy shows a dying monkey, with pus-exuding holes in his head to demonstrate his skill at implanting brain electrodes. A girl plucked the eyes of a sparrow out of curiosity to see if it feels pain. In each of us there's a bit of violence, some more than others, but none more profound than those who vent their frustrations on defenseless animals. They are at the pit of all evil!"

William G. Kelley
"Donald Kennedy, former U.S. Food & Drug Commissioner, called the government's war on cancer 'a medical Vietnam' with large outlays of money pumped into the battle but with 'victory no closer.' The only real fact to emerge from the endless research into cancer and its cure is the astronomical number of animals that are being maimed/seared/brutalized/killed." (The Cancer Research Myth)

The Animals' Agenda
"Dr. Don Barnes spent 16 years as an experimental psychologist and now asks: 'Has vivisection led to cures for cardiovascular disease/cancer/stroke/ diabetes/AIDS??? A human being is more likely to contract cancer today than at any time in history. In the 5-8-86 edition of The New England Journal of Medicine, epidemiologists John C. Bailar III and Elaine M. Smith report that mortality rates for more than 98% of all human cancers are equal or worse today than they were 40 years ago! For the remaining less than 2%, treatment expectations are higher because they can be traced to the study of drug and radiation therapies in human patients, NOT on test animals!'" (Dr. Barnes has now adopted an animal rights ethics)

Dr. Neal D. Barnard
"The American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association, the Red Cross are just a few of the organizations many of us may have generously given to in the past. But these and a multitude of others are significant contributors to the useless cycle of animal experimentation. The Red Cross, for example, which most of us associate with disaster relief, has its own animal experimentation facility." (Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine)

Adela P.
"Bad enough that adults butcher animals for any reason/any way/anywhere... but forcing children to do it reminds one of the Nazi SS youths who early in their lives were taught the 'moral duty' to torture/murder beings that were 'different'..."

Last Chance for Animals 'Release'
"'Haven't all medical advances been due to animal tests?' Absolutely NO! The greatest medical advances have been technological: microscopes/MRIs/x-rays/ mammograms/laser surgery/other. These are based upon good technology which allows earlier detection and more accurate diagnosis. Other major advances for humans' ills have been obtained through human population studies. Even most doctors schooled in vivisection, say 80% of animal tests are wasteful and unnecessary." (CONTACT Magazine)

Hoorik Davoudian
"Animal tests are not only scientifically worthless... but hazardous to humans. Once we accept the fact that animals cannot and will not warn us, let alone protect us, against the inherent dangers of toxic chemicals, pollution and disease, the responsibility of protecting humankind will fall upon ourselves." (The Nature of Wellness)

"Even marine mammals don't escape the absurd/inexact 'science' of animal experimentation! Bonethead and nurse sharks captive in the Mote Marine Lab are given high doses of the potent cancer-causing agent aflatoxin... YET no cure for cancer has been produced in over 75 years by any animal lab!"

Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D.
"Children forced to practice dissection in schools! BUT: The bravery/integrity of young Jennifer Graham, as a pioneer, took her school to court in 1987 for not allowing her to learn frog anatomy without dissecting a frog. That case spawned the 1988 passage of California's student Choice-In-Dissection Law (also in FL, PA & NY). Safia Rubaii, a former U. of Colorado medical student, was awarded by the court $95,000 after the university refused to exempt her from a lethal dog lab. Internationally, dissection faced harsher criticism: Argentina (1987) and the Slovak Republic (1994) banned the hideous practice, and Italy enacted a law (1993) recognizing the right of conscientious objectors to refuse animal experimentation/ dissection." (The Animals' Agenda)

Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine
"The March of Dimes now knows something about the effects of alcohol on possums, and of benzodiazepines on the offspring of pregnant rats... But people who donate to them expect to see their money to fight human birth defects, which have remained high. Even the authors of the benzodiazepines studies admitted that the animal data is conflicting! In contrast, epidemiologic studies (based on large human populations) provided consistently crucial information. They identified the thalidomide disaster/ fetal alcohol syndrome/fetal rubella syndrome, to name a few. Instead of funding dead-end animal experiments, they should provide health care to pregnant women and educate them on the dangers of teenage pregnancy/alcohol/ cigarettes/drugs. Re-route your donations to the increasingly long list of charities that study the human organisms instead of animals."

Patty Jaymes (Animals Need You, Inc.)
"Humanitarians are not anti-science; they are anti-cruelty! Animal experiments are insane and supported by your taxes. Countless animals suffer/die in biological exercises which can be learned with tissue culture/mathematics/other exact sciences. Animal researchers display a pathological disregard for the suffering of their victims and a professional bigotry which is not consistent with true scientific objectivity."

Murray J. Cohen, M.D.
"Vivisection is anti-science and anti-health, and is leading us down a path of waste and decay! I encourage people to fight the dangerous dead-end of animal experimentation." (Quoted in CONTACT Magazine)

Adela P.
"Vivisection: cutting live animals/burning/roasting/freezing/ smothering/electro-shocking/strangulating/blinding/addicting/ starving/sleep deprivation/maternal deprivation/injecting illnesses/ feeding burning-hot-poisonous substances... AND lots more dementia, to healthy animals! The unending physical/ psychological torment makes them eat their own body parts in desperation! Slow (though agonizing) death is their only peace!) School children encouraged to do this in their basements for their 'science fairs' (read, show-of-torture fairs)! The $10 billion vivisection industry refuses to adopt the many/increasing replacements already in existence/more accurate/cheaper/more beneficial to humans!!!"

James Oliver Curwoo
"Man, in his monumental egoism and selfishness, has completely forgotten the fact that he himself is an animal and that the same life/blood which run through his veins are also a part of those very creatures which he tortures with his experiments."

Hans Ruesch, Medical Historian
"The American public has been trained to accept anything that sails under the flag of science."

Late E.T. Krebs, Sr., MD
"We have come so far in science that we are destroying ourselves, until we learn to apply what we know for man's benefit, and that of his world." (Co-discoverer of Amygdalin non-toxic cancer therapy)

Elliot M. Katz, DVM
"Maternal deprivation. Of all the appalling animal torture in laboratories, this is one of the most fiendish! Newborn animals methodically terrorized/tormented to the point of despair/ insanity/ death! The infamous animal abuser Harry Harlow started these absurd/ sadistic acts to discover the 'true nature of love' through animal suffering of immeasurable proportions. One of his many acts: Newborn infants snatched from the mother on day 1/kept in total isolation for months/years. Baby shows enormous craving for the warmth of his momma so when he's presented with a 'momma' made of wires and cloth, the baby frantically clutches 'his momma' which immediately, violently rejects him by shaking powerful wind and electric shocks!!! This heartless individual wrote: 'We have created a new animal, the monkey motherless mother: Monkey mothers who abused their babies by crushing the infant's face to the floor/chewing off the infant's feet and fingers/and in one case by putting the infant's head in her mouth and crushing it like an eggshell. Not even in our most devious dreams could we have designed a surrogate as evil as these real monkey mothers.'" (In Defense of Animals)

Frances Power Cobbe (1822-1904)
"The saddest sight I ever witnessed was when the dogs were brought up from the cellar to the laboratory... they seemed seized with horror as soon as they smelt the air of the place, divining, apparently, their approaching fate." (Autobiography)

Alexis Carrel, MD (1873-1944)
"Scientific civilization has destroyed the soul of the world!" (Man the Unknown)

Ingrid E. Newkirk (PETA)
"A recent 7-year study by the well respected University of Uppsala in Sweden of 84 laboratories around the world showed that safety-testing HIV drugs on other species is less reliable than tests on human cells. The study showed human cell methods are about 50% more accurate in predicting drug toxicity than whole, live animals. REPLACEMENTS are 1/10th to 1/4th of the cost of animal tests, per toxicologist Dr. Frank Barile, of City University, New York City. Besides being cheaper/more accurate they are invariably faster than animal tests; i.e.: human cell tissue/computer analysis models/ Corrositex, approved by government agencies in Canada and US, AND authorized by the European Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods."

Edward Carpenter (1844-1929)
"Every time he pins down the trembling rabbit to the operating table he draws a fresh veil between himself and the source of all Life and Light, and in the name of Knowledge confirms himself in pitiful blindness and ignorance. And the nation which tolerates and sanctions these practices does the same. It prepares for itself a long catalogue of retributory diseases and sufferings, which cannot be curtailed even till long after the iniquities which gave rise to them have ceased." (Vivisection)

Last Chance for Animals
"URINE IN YOUR ESTROGEN PRESCRIPTION!!! In North Dakota & Canada, thousands of mares force-impregnated non-stop/confined to small stalls for many months/cups strapped around their bodies for urine collection for Premarin brand estrogen! The by-product: tens of thousands babies killed at birth or fattened up/slaughtered for meat. Female babies are force-impregnated nonstop, as the mother, starting at 2 years of age! AND, the mother (and her daughters) are forced immediately again into yet another pregnancy for the unending cycle of hell!! There are definitely EFFECTIVE REPLACEMENTS: plant-derived, or synthetic estrogen proved to be even better!" [Eat lots of soybeans in all their forms and sweet potatoes for a natural/jubilant feminine "rites of passage" without need of doctors. Adela. P.]

Prof. Henry J. Bigelow, MD (1818-1890)
"Vivisection is not an innocent study. We may usefully popularize chemistry and electricity, their teaching and their experimentation. BUT not so with vivisection. There will come a time when the world will look back to modern vivisection in the name of science, as they do now to burning at the stake in the name of religion." (Surgical Anaesthesia)

Henry Bergh (1811-88)
"Can the brain that conceives them (animal experiments), the heart that tolerates, and the hand that executes them belong to the being who, it is said, was made in God's own image?" (From an address given as founder of the ASPCA)

Gerald Carson (1899-)
"The most thorny philosophical issue man has ever faced is the problem of evil... when one contemplates the undeserved sufferings of blameless animals. Is the pursuit of knowledge the highest good? If so, what knowledge? Should animals suffer misery/ stress/pain/slow death for trivial human purposes? To test a hair dye? To advance the interest of cigarette manufacturers? Should the beasts die in experiments that have already been performed countless times? Is mutilation/ torment/death a price our animal companions on this planet should be required to pay so that a high school biology student may win a science-fair prize and be interviewed on TV?" (Men, Beasts, and Gods)

Those who experiment upon animals by surgery/drugs and inoculation of diseases, should never quiet their consciences with the conviction that their cruel action may have a worthy purpose.

PETA's Animal Times
"Colgate's 'new' (DEET) insecticide, sickens and kills animals, yet it is still sold to consumers!!! SELDANE, a widely prescribed allergy drug, which passed countless animal tests with flying colors, is now under scrutiny because of serious side effects in human beings."

PETA's Animal Times
"Dr. Ray Greek: 'When humans undergo organ or bone marrow transplants from non-humans, they are inviting dangerous, even deadly viruses to enter their bodies.' Over 150 infections have been identified that can be transmitted from animals to humans via organ transplants."

Mahatma Gandhi
"I abhor vivisection with my whole soul!"

PETA's Animal Times
"Monkey virus in SV40 polio vaccine directly linked to cancer. Epidemiologists estimated between 10 and 30 million people in the US received live SV40 vaccines and an unknown number elsewhere..."

Michael Byron
"'Which are more valuable,' it is asked, 'dogs or humans?' To which the answer, of course, is 'Dogs, if the humans are so inhuman as to torture dogs in order to save their own miserable skins.'" (Evolution for Beginners)

Reverend Mark A. Caffrey
"As a man of the cloth, I'm not going to lie to you, or even stretch the truth, about vivisection: It's savagely cruel/it costs billions per year of tax dollars/it's barbarous/obsolete/terribly sadistic/ nothing of value is ever learned to help humans/it's big - very profitable - business for vivisectors. Most 'findings' cannot even be translated from one animal species to another - and certainly NOT to man!"

"Primum non nocere (First, do no harm)."

Elliot M. Katz, DVM (President, In Defense of Animals)
"In this day and age, with all the non-invasive scanning techniques available to the research community, it is inconceivable that an individual would be so callous as to take infant monkeys away from their mothers, damage their eyes, drill holes in their skulls, insert electrodes in their brains. How a person like that can sleep at night is beyond comprehension!"

Gary Yourofsky (ADAPPT)
"(In comparing humans and nonhumans for lab use): 'The anatomical, physiological, immunological, genetic, histological and even psychological differences are too great to overcome.'"

Dr. Ernest Prentice
"We approved a xenoperfusion protocol at my institution (University of Nebraska Medical Center)... and quite frankly we didn't know what we were doing." (at an NIH Conference, Bethesda)

Dr. Richard Klausner of the National Institute of Cancer
"We have cured mice of cancer for decades - and it simply didn't work in humans."

Dr. Walter Schneider, Psychologist
"We have, in a single afternoon, been able to replicate in humans what took 20 years to do in nonhuman primates." (Referring to breakthroughs in brain imaging techniques. The New York Times)

Alexandra Paul (Baywatch, Melrose Place, more)
"I use NO cosmetics or household cleaning products tested on animals. I boycott P&G and Gillette, among others, because they test their products on animals. I'm repulsed by animal testing for new medicines and medical procedures... I believe animal testing is UNNECESSARY and counterproductive. Researchers get large grants to do experiments, and this makes animal testing a big bu$ine$$ - silly experiments done just to keep the money coming in. Animals are NOT biologically the same as humans, so to experiment on them for human drugs is not viable. Animals are not given painkillers when they are being experimented on (because it may skew the results), and they are kept in tiny, filthy cages ALL their lives! It's unspeakably cruel! Do ends justify the means??? I've seen what's done to those lab animals and it's shocking! I also know that having Parkinson's Disease or being a quadriplegic is a kind of torture too, and I want those people to be helped. I don't give any money to charities involved in animal research, no matter how noble the cause. Overall, if we abandoned animal research we would figure out more humane ways to do those same experiments."

George Bernard Shaw
"If a guinea pig may be sacrificed for the sake of the very little that can be learnt from it, shall not a man be sacrificed for the sake of the great deal that can be learnt from him?" (The Doctor's Dilemma)

George Bernard Shaw
"We have not lost faith - we have transferred it from God to the medical profession."

David Barnett, NYU Phd. Student, Philosophy
"Is suffering endured by a nonhuman as morally significant as that endured by a human? Initially, it might seem obvious that nonhumans are morally inferior to humans, that their lives and suffering count for less. But it once seemed obvious to many that Blacks were morally inferior to Whites, women to men, and Jews to gentiles. A bit of reflection makes it seem silly that skin color, gender, religious background, or heritage could provide a basis for a morally relevant distinction. The same can be said for species. How could the species of a being (i.e., what DNA it has) possibly matter to how much its suffering counts? The fact that human suffering is bad has nothing to do with the fact that it's endured by humans; suffering is simply bad."

"The recorded tortures of human beings (by their own species!) are seldom of such long duration as those inflicted upon lab animals. Most of lab animals suffer from repeated experiments for months even for years!"

R.S. Gowe, Director, Animal Research Institute
"At Animal Research Institute we are trying to breed animals without legs and chickens without feathers."

Adlai Stevenson (1900-1965)
"It is difficult to picture the great Creator conceiving of a program of one creature (which He has made) using another living creature for purposes of experimentation. There must be other less cruel ways of obtaining knowledge."

United Animal Nations
"Minister of Education Yossi Sarid, banned all animal experiments, including dissection, in Israeli schools. He said he was convinced that with today's technology 'there is no need to rummage around in the heart and innards of a living creature.'" (Quoted in CONTACT Magazine)

Leon Tolstoi
"Science is nothing more than an imaginary knowledge of the absolute truth."

From: Underground - The Magazine of the North American Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group (NA-A.L.F.S.G.)
"Horrors that only a few years ago belonged in the realm of dystopian science fiction have become common place in today's world - generically engineered Frankenstein foods are forced down our throats by governments and corporations; animals soaked in a bath of poisonous growth hormones are slaughtered in the name of a quick buck and increased profit; vast warehouses of 'bio-machines' (better known to you and I as pigs) lie in darkness, ready to be harvested for their organs for human transplants; the country side is dotted with concrete bunkers where bloodied vivisectors tirelessly work their way through the guts and viscera of endless animal victims."

Anna C. Briggs
"Human Population. It has been called a greater menace to mankind than the atom bomb itself! Yet, the justification of vivisection and the torture of animals is alleged by the researchers to be the possibility of finding ways to prolong the lives of the very old and helpless. By what right does one sentient being torture another? Does the God of the Christians sanction it? Is it justified even by the hope of prolonging human life in an era when human overpopulation threatens the health and the subsistence of mankind?" (For the Love of Animals - National Humane Education Society)

Dr Michael Goodyear, a Canadian cancer physician
"If we're going to use the drugs in man, we have to test them on man. We will have to start with lower doses and treat one patient at a time. Doing it safely unfortunately means the process may take longer and cost more." (From the article Pharma Industry on Trial by Susan Mitchell)

Ivana Radovnikovic, Croatian singer
"When I was still in high school, I started using cosmetic products that were not tested on animals. This was prompted by a documentary that shocked me and which made me aware of how these experiments were being performed on animals. As a consumer of that type of products, I felt responsible and decided to change my habits – which was quite simple – I simply started buying products that were on the White List. Now I have the chance to invite people, together with Animal Friends and Damir Hoyka, not to be 'blind consumers' and to remind them that there is an alternative to all that insensitivity."

Robert Evans, Labour MEP
"I am convinced the time has now come for politicians to take an uncompromised stand to achieve a ban on all non-human primate testing."

Dr. Jane Goodall
"This whole business of using animals in medical research and pharmaceutical testing is a whole multi-euro billion industry, because we do have all the people who are learning how to use animals. You have the people who are breeding special strains of animal, like mice and rats, for certain kinds of experiments. You have the people who are selling the feed, you have the people who are making the cages and so it is a whole big industry out there using animals, and that is why some people I think are really wanting to maintain the status quo."

Dr. Werner Hartinger
"There are two categories of doctors and scientists supporting vivisection. Those that know nothing about it and those who profit from it."

Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes
"These are revolting and unnecessary experiments. Sadly, we are too familiar with the effects of terrorism. It is perfectly possible to find out things we don't know without blowing up pigs to find out."

Bojan Jambrosic, Croatian singer
"When Animal Friends contacted me and showed me some of those terrible photos, I did not question at all if I should join this campaign. I am very pleased that this opportunity may draw attention to the senseless and unnecessary killing of animals [for vivisection]."
"I am very glad to participate in this project, which has a noble goal. This is just a small step to draw the people's attention to what happens in laboratories, where because of tests animals suffer and die. All this is unnecessary, especially nowadays when testing can be done in many other ways. I invite everyone to pay attention to the white list and only buy products that are not tested on animals, and this way be an example to others and show that animals did not deserve that. Each of us can make a small step, thus together we do a great thing!"

Professor James Lovelock, the scientist who developed Gaia theory
"Scientists have moved from investigating nature as a vocation, to being caught in a career path where it makes sense to 'fudge the data.'"

Neven Ciganovic, Croatian stylist
"I adore animals and I would never hurt them. I love them more than humans. I will support Animal Friends by offering myself to be tested for botox instead it being tested on mice."

Joanna Lumley (about botox animal tests)
"I hate the idea that people wanting to be beautiful and smooth should use such an ugly and cruel product. Don't touch it: support instead the brilliant substitute for animal testing, and keep your conscience as unmarked as your brow."

Joss Stone (about botox animal tests)
"We can stop this cruel and unnecessary act by bringing light to what has clearly been done in darkness for too long. I think it is a sick way to test something that is for cosmetic use. They are not trying to cure cancer here; this is about smoothing the wrinkles on the faces of women and men. How many innocent animals have to suffer? Let's put a stop to this cruel, inhumane, and above all unnecessary act."

Lucy Davis, The Office star
"Please, don't allow animals, who feel pain and fear just like we do, to suffer simply for our own vanity."

Bojan Jambrosic, first Croatian Idol winner
"Last year with Animal Friends and a rabbit I appealed to the people through billboards, fliers and the video not to use products tested on animals. I am glad that due to this campaign so many people became aware of this issue and now buy products for which animals did not have to be tortured and killed. I am happy to join the signing of this petition and I invite everybody to do the same. Let us with our signatures together stop the suffering of these innocent creatures – to be above cruelty."

C. S. Lewis
"Vivisection can only be defended by showing it to be right that one species should suffer in order that another species be happier... If we cut up beasts simply because they cannot prevent us, and because we are backing our own side in the struggle of existence, it is only logical to cut up imbeciles, criminals, enemies, or capitalists for the same reason." (The Problem of Pain)

Carl G. Jung
"During my medical education at the University of Basel, I found vivisection horrible, barbarous, and above all unnecessary." (Collected Works)

Kristin Bauer
"I've always been fascinated by the incredible intelligence and rich, complex social lives of chimpanzees. It would be shameful to see them go extinct in the wild as we continue to exploit them here in the U.S. in invasive experiments, entertainment and as pets."

Brian May
"Beagles, indisputably, are highly intelligent sentient creatures, friends of Man for centuries. It is completely morally unjustifiable for these animals to be made to suffer in the name of science."

Ricky Gervais
"Like me, most people will be shocked to learn that testing cosmetics on animals is often still a legal requirement in China. By law, rabbits must have cosmetic chemicals dripped in their eyes or spread over their sensitive skin, causing sores and bleeding. It makes me really angry that this is still going on, and it makes me particularly angry that some previously cruelty-free companies are abandoning their principles and returning to animal testing in order to profit from the Chinese market."

Joanna Lumley, actress
"Cruelty-free beauty is here in the EU (European Union) at last! I have been calling for this day with Cruelty Free International (BUAV) since 1991. Well done Cruelty Free International (BUAV) for your tireless work in the EU to end the terrible practice of testing cosmetics on animals."

Peter Dinklage
"It is unacceptable that animals continue to suffer around the world, including the United States of America, for the sake of beauty. I appeal to the USA to follow the European Union’s lead and end animal testing for cosmetics."

Dr. Elias Zerhouni, Former NIH director, 2002 – 2008
"We have moved away from studying human disease in humans. We all drank the Kool-Aid on that one, me included. With the ability to knock in or knock out any gene in a mouse - which can't sue us - researchers have over-relied on animal data. ... The problem is that it hasn't worked, and it's time we stopped dancing around the problem... We need to refocus and adapt new methodologies for use in humans to understand disease biology in humans." (Speaking before the NIH Scientific Review Management Board on June 4, 2013 as reported in NIH Record)

GOLDEN DROPS OF BARE TRUTHS collected by Adela Pisarevsky

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