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That great day has come, when, dear friends, we can officially tell you... We have opened a social enterprise! Okay, let's be honest, we opened it in 2019, but you know how it goes with the Croatian bureaucracy... Okay, let's be a little more honest - we're also a little guilty because we always give ourselves too much work...

And why is all of this so wonderful? What does a social enterprise mean in general and what does the company Za Prijatelje ¾ivotinja d.o.o. mean for the welfare of animals and people in Croatia and beyond? Well, the primary goal of a social enterprise is its social impact, not generating profit for the owners/stakeholders. Therefore, all collected funds will go only and exclusively to campaigns, actions, efforts and work for the protection and rights of all animals, but also for the welfare of the company's employees and the employment of people with various health problems or marginalized groups.

Within this social enterprise, we also opened our webshop, where you can buy t-shirts, bags and hoodies for yourself and your loved ones! In accordance with the goals of the company and the attitudes of Animal Friends Croatia, the merchandise is decorated with Vegan and Fair Wear Leader certificates. We don't want to settle for less!

Want to tell the world that fur is not cool? That pigs are our friends? That it is not OK to test on animals? Show it by choosing t-shirts, hoodies or bags that we have carefully prepared for you. Many more surprises await you.

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