01/17/04 Fur - Unforgiving Cruelty

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Animal Friends invites to boycott clothes from animal fur

We live in a world where most of people do not have sense for animal suffering and where is fur although needless, still popular. Therefore we want to remind our public how much suffering is hidden behind fur coats wearing.

We invite you on Saturday, January 17, 2004 at 11 A.M. on Karlovac Korzo to join Animal Friends' activists in protest against fur wearing, and so make a step ahead, towards more human future.

It is hard to imagine suffering which fox, squirrel, beaver and other animals endure, just for cold-hearted somebody could show her or his materialistic power, wearing skinned animal fur. Millions of animals are catched in cruel traps and die slowly in agony with torn legs, they are killed by breaking neck, injecting poison into heart, suffocating with gases, and with that what remais from them other animals are fed.

More and more people become aware of what is hidden behind wearing clothes from animal fur and choose clothes which is not sewed from pain and suffering of living being. Also, many famous persons protest against animal fur, because they are aware of animal agony and find primitive wearing such clothes.

Therefore, with this action Animal Friends protests against cruelty, pain and suffering, giving public a clear appeal to reject primitivism and to slip a compassion on.

Nowadays, when there are so many materials and different kinds of clothes, wearing animal fur is completly unnecessary and unforgiving.

There is only the warmth of the heart needed to warm us...!




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