01/10/04 Protest Against Fur

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Protest Against Fur - Fashion of Shame and Cruelty

As Croatia is part of Eastern Europe, where fur coats wearing is still partially popular while the other part of the world has different trends. We, as Croatian organization, want to inform our public about suffering of animals, which suffer and die for this "fashion" needs. We believe that our public is not immune from animal suffering, but instead it's about lack of information and compassion towards animals.

Therefore, on Saturday, January 10, 2004 on Trg Kralja Tomislava in Varazdin, Animal Friends will invite citizens with peaceful protest not to wear fur and to say NO to fur shops, which are looking for their profit still shamelesly pattering through dark caves from distant past.

On fur farms animals live in horrible conditions. They "live" in small cramped wire cages without possibility for moving. In nature, most of these animals walk dozens of kilometers every day and have exceptionaly sensitive sense of smell, while on farms they live in cage above their own feces. Some of them go completely crazy in such conditions and attack each other, and also there are cases of canibalism.

Animals in nature are catched with steel-traps which pierce their paws and bodies and suffer hours and days before hunters rend their chests or break their necks. There are many dogs, cats and other animals catched "by mistake" which stay in traps. This all happens nowadays when there are many diverse clothes and when it is really not necessary to cause such pain and to wear corpse of innocent animals on ourselves. In specified table can be seen how many animals of single species is needed for one fur coat.

Fox10 - 24
Beaver16 - 20
Racoon20 - 30
Nutria26 - 34
Opossum30 - 40
Mink40 - 60
Sable60 - 80
Squirrel100 - 400
Chinchilla130 - 200
Ermine180 - 240

What does it mean warmth of the coat if our heart remains cold!

More and more celebrities like Pink, Stella McCartney, Kim Basinger, Joaquin Phoenix, Sophia Ellis Bextor, our Goran Visnjic condemn fur wearing as barbarism.

"What is going on with us? Civilization goes forward, while some of us go backward. Today there are so many different materials available to protect us from cold without need for killing other beings." - Goran Visnjic

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