The "For Croatia without Fur" Campaign 2013

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The famous Croatian singer Boris Novkovic in February 2013 joined the "For Croatia without Fur" campaign posing for the ads with the message "Trim Fur Hurts Equally".

He gave his support to Animal Friends with the following words:

Dear All,

This little contribution and cry of mine as part of much larger cry that Animal Friends has been sending out to the public for years is only a small grain in the sand of a huge desert, but connected with all other grains makes up a vastness of sand. All of us are connected this way in a joint effort and together we make powerful dunes. I talk about connection because everything in this world is really one. We are all one and so close and near each other, without being aware of it. By mistreating others, destroying other species, beings and our different friends who we share this world with - and all for a whim which is absolutely replaceable - we are upsetting the natural balance, we hinder ourselves, and even worse, we hinder our children and their descendants. If fur had a purpose in times of old, primal and primitive civilisations when there was no replacement for it, today when there are adequate and better quality replacements of the original, there is no point to it except for violence and destroying the natural balance out of spite. For that reason, be a part of one universe, one common higher self, one divine consciousness and love and, say NO to violence, say NO to killing, say NO to cruelty, say NO to fur.

For Animal Friends

Boris Novkovic

After publishing "Trim Fur Hurts Equally" ads, Boris Novkovic shot a short movie about animals used for their fur as part of the campaign "For Croatia without Fur".

In the short video, Boris addresses the public by explaining what animals bred, hunted and used for the needs of fashion industry go through. He also comments on clothing in stores that have no animal fur in their offer.

This disturbing but educational video was filmed and directed by Tomislav Povic, who is also the author of the first Animal Friends film "Be Above Cruelty," which realized in cooperation with Bojan Jambrosic.

For Croatia Without Fur



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