A Brochuer Against Animal Testing

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Dear Animal Friends,

We present you our new project - a brochure that explains why animal testing is scientifically and medically unfounded and why it poses a danger to people, to whom it is presented as necessary.

The brochure explains the problems of animal testing and offers solutions thus is valuable in the fight to stop the practice of animal testing.

The author of the brochure is the Medical Research Modernization Committee (Europeans for Medical Progress) in the United Kingdom.

We invite you to join us in this project to help publish the brochure as soon as possible, and reach the hands of those who are directly or indirectly involved in animal testing.

To set off a brochure in a sufficient number of copies, it is necessary to collect 10,000 kuna (cca 1,400 eur), and we can all participate in fundraising, be it small or large.

Through payment of the amount of your choice and ability you can make a major contribution towards stopping of the suffering of helpless creatures.

The brochure A Critical Look at Animal Experimentation is an important step in ending the horrific animal torture behind laboratory walls, so each donation, even the smallest one, is extremely important to us.

The donations can be sent to our f.e. bank account or on-line by credit card. As payment description please enter "brochure printing".

On behalf of the animals, whose suffering will at least partially be reduced owing to this brochure, we thank you for your compassion and help.

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Brochure 'A Critical Look at Animal Experimentation' [ 55.80 Kb ]




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