10/21/10 Not All Have Evolved

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Animal Friends and Bruketa&Zinic are opening this year’s "For Croatia without Fur" campaign with intriguing ad

In order to jointly show that fur has nothing to do with fashion, the marketing agency Bruketa&Zinic designed an ad for Animal Friends entitled "Not All Have Evolved." Billboards and City Lights posters with this clear message about ethical and ecological unacceptability of wearing fur will appear in Zagreb and other towns in Croatia.

"We had to wear fur in order to survive during the stone age. But those time are long behind us and we since then we have greatly progressed as a civilization. That does not stop, though, certain individuals to keep wearing fur as a mean of fashion expression. It is time that we evolve and leave fur to their owners – animals," said Tonci Klaric from the marketing agency Bruketa&Zinic which joined the campaign "For Croatia without Fur."

The credits for this outstanding visual of the project goes to the team from the Bruketa&Zinic agency: Tonci Klaric, copywriter; Mislav Vidovic, art director and designer; Tomislav Tomic, illustrator, Helena Rosandic, account manager and Martina Ivkic, account executive.

Every year more than 75 million animals suffer and die because of the fur trade. Most animals are raised in fur farms where, after spending their lives in tiny, filthy cages, they are killed by gassing, electrocution, strangulation, suffocation, poisoning, having their necks snapped, or red hot iron rods thrust up their anuses. Trapped animals freeze, or burn under a hot sun, and are helplessly attacked by predators. Survivors are stomped, bludgeoned, strangled, drowned or beaten to death by the trappers so as to avoid staining their fur.

Everyone, from breeders that is suppliers to the final customers, equally bears responsibility for the suffering and killing of animals. We cannot expect an ending of the fur production until there is a demand for fur garments. Therefore it is extremely important that each individual becomes aware that quitting wearing fur can actively contribute to a stop of this old-fashioned and uncivilized practice of exploiting animals for their fur. This is also supported by the legal ban on breeding animals for fur in Croatia, which came into force on January 1, 2007 with a transition period of 10 years and which was supported by 73,7 percent of Croatia's citizens.

Today we abound in high quality, ecologically much more acceptable materials, which are not made of animal skin and fur. It is shameful and unacceptable to justify the killing animals for clothes and luxury. We can be fashionable only if we are humane and compassionate; there is nothing but suffering and death in the fur of killed animal. More and more esteemed Croatian and internationally recognized fashion designers rejects fur from their collections, prompted by awareness that animal fur does not belong to the fashion of the 21st century.

Animal Friends invites all public figures, designers, fashion agencies and individuals to also join the campaign "For Croatia without Fur," which was this year supported by Bruketa&Zinic, Arto, Vectordesign, National Foundation for Civil Society Development, the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry of the City of Zagreb, and Iskon.

Not All Have Evolved billboard [ 410.85 Kb ]Animal Friends Croatia and Bruketa&Žinić: Not all have evolved [ 425.11 Kb ]Animal Friends Croatia and Bruketa&Žinić: Not all have evolved 1 [ 423.87 Kb ]

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