02/12/09 Say No to Killing Animals for Fur

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Animal Friends says "no" to fur in a public campaign including a lecture with video footage

- Animal Friends invites all citizens of Karlovac to join the large anti-fur action that will take place in Zagreb on February 28

On Thursday, February 12, 2009, at 2 P.M., on Karlovac promenade activists from Animal Friends will enact a performance entitled "Fur Stinks," the aim of which is to invite citizens to condemn the killing of animals for fashion and glamour. This event will herald the large international anti-fur demonstration that will take place in Zagreb on February 28.

Animal Friends is also inviting citizens to attend a lecture with video footage, which will be held on the same day at Gaza, Struga 1, at 6:00 P.M. Apart from "cruel fashion," the lecture will address other issues related to animal protection and animal rights, such as the ever topical problem of abandoned animals and their adoption. There will be time to ask questions and Animal Friends will also encourage visitors to engage themselves in protecting animals in Karlovac and its surroundings.

Each year, more than 75 million animals suffer and die because of the fur industry and fur trade. Most of them are raised at fur farms where, after spending their lives in tiny, filthy cages, they are killed by gassing, electrocution, strangulation, suffocation, poisoning with strychnine, breaking their necks, or inserting red hot iron rods into their anuses. Animals that are trapped in nature freeze or burn under the hot sun, helplessly exposed to predators. Those that survive are trodden to death, strangulated, drowned or bludgeoned by the hunters in order to prevent stains on fur. Millions of "unwanted" animals such as dogs, birds, cats, rabbits, or squirrels get caught in the traps and die in agony.

Wearing fur coats and trimmings should be abandoned immediately and left to the past as part of primitive heritage. Today there is an abundance of high-quality ecological materials which are far better-looking and warmer than animal fur. Killing animals for clothing is therefore completely unjustifiable. In addition, animal fur must be preserved by treating it with poisonous chemicals, which pollutes the environment and spends considerable water resources.

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