Rattling the Cage

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by Steven M. Wise

Profile Books, London, 2000, ISBN 1 86197 245-8

A brilliant, radical and profoundly researched argument for extending to non-human animals the rights we accord to humans of equal cognitive and emotional capacities - "The animals' Magna Carta" - Jane Goodall

In this ground-breaking book Steven Wise, animal rights activist who also teaches animal rights law at Harvard and has worked with the world's most prominent primatologists, provides a wide-ranging and informative discussion about why basic legal rights should be extended to animals - beginning with chimpanzees and bonobos.

"One of those rare books that are deeply troubling in the best sense of the word, intellectually and ethically. It puts on trial a part of our human self-image that has made us less noble than we wish to be." - E. O. Wilson, Harvard

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